‘World of Dance’ fans think Charity and Andres would wipe the floor with Karen y Ricardo [POLL RESULTS]

It was starting to look like the Latin dance champions Karen y Ricardo would steamroll over the competition on season two of “World of Dance.” But then a couple of kids, Charity and Andres, took them to school. And if it comes down to a head-to-head battle between the two duos in the World Final at the end of the season, our readers think the youngsters actually have the upper hand. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see our poll results.

Upper Division contestants Karen y Ricardo made history right off the bat. In the season premiere, which aired May 29, their Qualifiers routine scored 100 from Ne-Yo, 100 from Jennifer Lopez and 99 from Derek Hough, which gave them an average of 99.7. At the time that was the highest score ever recorded on the show, and it was the first time any of the judges ever gave out a perfect 100.

Then in The Duels they challenged poor Luka and Jenalyn to a head-to-head, but while Luka and Jenalyn achieved their highest “World of Dance” score yet (average of 92.3), they were outmatched by Karen y Ricardo, who posted another mammoth score (average of 98.3). Could anyone even come close to their numbers?

Yes, as it turns out. In the second week of The Duels teenagers Charity and Andres, performed a high-flying routine with lifts and maneuvers the judges had never seen before. The judges were doubly astonished when they found out the young contestants choreographed it themselves. The result was 100s across the board from the three judges, making them the first ever “World of Dance” contestants to get a perfect score in the show’s history.

Of course, Charity and Andres are competing in the Junior Division, so there isn’t even the possibility that they’ll face Karen y Ricardo until and unless both teams defeat all of their challengers in their own divisions. But if the two highest scoring teams in the show’s history go head-to-head, almost three-quarters of our readers (74%) think Charity and Andres would win, while only 26% say Karen y Ricardo would prevail. Do you agree?

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