‘World of Dance’ predictions: The Lab will win the World Final, according to our racetrack odds

World of Dance” Season 2 comes to an end tonight with the World Final, but who will win the $1 million grand prize? According to our users who have been predicting the season finale, The Lab will have this competition down to a science.

As of this writing, the young hip-hop crew The Lab is our front-runner with leading odds of 5/6 based on the combined forecasts of our users. That would be quite an achievement since they represent the Junior Team Division, and this is the first time there has even been a Junior Team Division on “World of Dance.” Last year there were only three divisions: Upper, Junior and Team.

This is the second season that The Lab have competed on the show. Last year they were in the Junior Division but were eliminated during The Cut. This year they have made the most of their second chance. They scored 94 during the Qualifiers, and have improved on that with every successive performance: 95 during the Duels, 98.3 during the Cut, and an astronomical 99.8 during the Divisional Final. Going into the World Final, those last two routines were among the six highest scoring performances of the entire season.

Three of the top six routines of the year were by Karen y Ricardo, but they were eliminated in the Divisional Final. They were upset by contemporary soloist Michael Dameski, who now ranks second in our predictions with 3/1 odds. If we’re right this would be the second season in a row a hip-hop act wins the competition while a contemporary soloist finishes as the runner-up. Last year the duo Les Twins narrowly defeated fan-favorite Eva Igo. But Dameski already achieved one upset, so maybe he’ll do it again.

Ranked third in our predictions with 13/2 odds are the Junior Division duo of Charity and Andres. They recorded the highest score of the season — and in “World of Dance” history — when their Duels performance received the show’s first perfect score of 100, but while they received high scores again in the Cut and the Divisional Final to make it to the World Final, they haven’t come close to that perfect score since. If they’re going to make magic happen again, now’s the time.

That leaves S-Rank fourth-ranked with 14/1 odds. They were the class of the field in the Upper Team Division, but their highest score of the season thus far (94.3) is lower than the best scores achieved by the other World Finalists. Maybe they’ve just been saving their best for last.

Do you agree with our predictions? Check out our odds below, and click on the chart for our complete forecasts for tonight’s show.

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