‘World of Dance’: The acrobatic Quad Squad reminds Derek Hough not to skip leg day at the gym [WATCH]

The Junior Team Division dance troupe Quad Squad closed out the show on “World of Dance” for “The Qualifiers 7” with a routine that reminded judge Derek Hough “not to skip leg day” at the gym. The young women grew up imagining that dancers need to be rail-thin, but they learned to embrace and even celebrate the musculature in their legs.

Their physical power allows them to execute moves that less squat-friendly performers might never be able to touch. For a moment Ne-Yo reached behind him to see if he could pull his own leg up over his head like one of the Quad Squad members did — not even close. Was it enough for the team to advance to the next round of the competition? Read what the judges had to say about their performance below.

Derek Hough: “First of all, your strength, your quality, the resistance in your bodies, the elongation in your backs, were incredible. When you guys first walked out [Jennifer Lopez] looked at me and went, ‘They look like a team.’ And you guys were a great team. Great job, ladies!”

Ne-Yo: “Super together ,and everybody was moving as one unit, which is really important with this many people on stage. I’m not sure which one of you it was, but you put your leg up this way and then spun around like 19 times. I thought you had a roller skate on — how in the hell? That was amazing.”

Jennifer Lopez: “There were really some mind-blowing, amazing moments in that routine. What I loved about it is that you played to each one of your individual strengths. There was someone who was turning, the two girls in the front who were more like contortionists — I was like, oh wow they’re really playing to what each person does well. And that’s what makes a great team.”

Quad Squad scored 86 from Lopez, 90 from Hough, and 91 from Ne-Yo, giving them an average of 89, which was well over the 80 points they needed to advance to the next round. So we’ll see more of their back-breaking, leg-straining contortions in “The Duels.”

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