‘World of Dance’ sneak peek: Will Vivian Ruiz suffer the same fate as Eva Igo when she duels Charity and Andres? [WATCH]

There are more Duels tonight on “World of Dance,” and it’s all just a little bit of history repeating. The show has released a sneak peek of the face-off between Junior Division contemporary dancer Vivian Ruiz and dynamic duo Charity and Andres. Sound familiar? It’s a lot like last week when Junior Division contemporary dancer Eva Igo faced dynamic duo Avery and Marcus. That Duel ended in an upset, but what about this one? Watch the battle above, and let us know who you think deserves to win by voting in our poll at the bottom of this post.

With Igo surprisingly eliminated last week, the door is open for Ruiz to make a name for herself as a solo contemporary dancer on the “World of Dance” stage. But judging from the scores from the qualifying round Ruiz had her work cut out for her. In week six of the Qualifiers Ruiz advanced with a score of 83 — impressive for that round, but modest for this one.

Meanwhile, contemporary duo Charity and Andres scored a remarkable 95.3 in the Qualifiers. Since the higher scoring dancers got to pick their opponents for the Duels, that means Charity and Andres hand-picked Ruiz to go up against. So maybe they thought Ruiz would be easier to defeat on their way to the next round.

But that kind of first-round point differential didn’t help Eva Igo. She qualified with a whopping score of 95 compared to Avery and Marcus’s 84 in the first round, but the pair still ended up winning their head-to-head match. So maybe we’re in for another upset from an underdog opponent.

However, from watching both performances I have to give the edge to Charity and Andres. While Ruiz delivers an impressive routine showcasing her flexibility, balance and confidence, I was positively gobsmacked by Charity and Andres’s Duel performance, which was full of powerful storytelling and innovative maneuvers — imagine “The Hunger Games” but somehow more death-defying.

Unfortunately, the sneak peek doesn’t show us what the judges had to say or what scores they gave out, so we’ll have to wait until tonight to find out for sure. Who do you think has the upper hand?

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