‘World of Dance’ sneak preview: Charity and Andres channel ‘Game of Thrones’ in Divisional Final – go get it, Khaleesi! [WATCH]

World of Dance” Junior Division standouts Charity and Andres are going to be tough to beat in tonight’s Divisional Final, where they’re facing Jaxon Willard and Sean and Kaycee for a chance to advance to the World Final for a shot at the $1 million grand prize. NBC has given a special online sneak peek of their routine (watch it above). They channel “Game of Thrones” in a contemporary dance to Halsey’s song “Castle.” I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to bend the knee. Knock ’em dead, Khaleesi!

Charity and Andres set impossibly high expectations for themselves during the Duels, when they gave a combative performance that earned them the first (and so far only) perfect score of 100 in the show’s history. They followed that with a softer routine during the Cut that emphasized the grace of their movements, but “Castle” looks more like their intense Duels number, full of innovative tricks, clear storytelling, impeccable control and seemingly effortless transitions. NBC’s preview doesn’t show us the judges’ critiques or scores, but the performance did elicit some spontaneous “woos” from the panel.

I think this performance is going to be tough to beat, and so do our users who have been predicting the Divisional Finals. Charity and Andres are the front-runners to win their division with leading odds of 21/20, which translates to a 48.98% chance of moving on to the World Final. But Willard is close behind with 11/4 odds (26.53% chance) and Sean and Kaycee have 3/1 odds (24.49% chance), so this is far from an open-and-shut case. Check out the graphs below to see how our predictions are shaping up. Click on them for more detailed prediction stats for tonight’s show.

world of dance predictions

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