‘World of Dance’: The Lab performed the best group routine Jennifer Lopez has ever seen during Duels [WATCH]

The Lab has hip-hop dancing down to a science — pardon the shameless pun. Okay, one more: they put on such a clinic they should change their name to The Doctor’s Office. Alright, I’m done. But The Lab aren’t. The Junior Team Division hip-hop troupe opened the second week of Duels with one of the highest-scoring performances of the night in their battle against fellow hip-hoppers the Lil Killaz Crew.

But this is par for the course for The Lab, who also competed in season one of the show and made it past the Duels only to be eliminated during the Cut. Well, their scores during Qualifiers and the Duels this year were both higher than anything they scored in season one, so they’re headed in the right direction. Watch their performance above, and read what the judges had to say about them below.

Jennifer Lopez: “That might be, for me, the best group routine I’ve seen, adult or junior, and we’ve seen some amazing, amazing hip-hop routines. But that was something really special.”

Derek Hough: “Where do I begin? That suspended flip and landing perfectly in time. I got so hyped I jumped out of my seat. The young lady who at the end did those halos — I mean, one of the top b-boys or b-girls I’ve ever seen. Unbelievable, amazing.”

Ne-Yo: “I completely want to learn how to pause in midair like you did in the beginning. I’m convinced you have superpowers and you’re not telling nobody. You literally stopped in the air and said, ‘Wait a minute … okay, now I’m going to touch the ground.’ It’s just obvious that you all rehearse all the time. Synchronicity has never been an issue for you all, and this performance was no exception. The uniformity of the costumes just glued it together even more. You guys move like one person. It’s going to be very difficult to beat.”

The Lab received 95 points from all three judges, so that was their average, which was almost 10 points better than the poor Lil Killaz (85.7). Did you agree with that outcome?

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