‘World of Dance’: Which Upper Division contestant are you rooting for? Karen y Ricardo, Michael Dameski, DNA or …?

The Duels are over for “World of Dance” season two. That means the remaining competitors are moving on to the Cut starting on Wednesday night, August 22. So who do you think deserves to win the Upper Division? Scroll down to vote in our poll at the bottom of this post.

If it seemed like the Duels were tough, the Cut will be even more grueling. That’s because while the Duels eliminated half of the competitors in single-elimination, head-to-head battles, now the Cut will reduce the remaining competitors by more than half. There are only three available slots for each division in the Division Finals, and there are seven acts in the running for the Upper Division title.

That includes Latin cabaret duo Karen y Ricardo from Chile. They dominated the first two rounds of the competition with their mind-blowing scores: 99.7 during the Qualifiers, and then 98.3 during the Duels. That first score was an all-time “World of Dance” record, until Junior Division duo Charity and Andres exceeded it during the Duel with an unprecedented perfect score of 100. But Karen y Ricardo won’t have to face those youngsters until the World Final at the end of the season if both teams make it that far, so if Karen y Ricardo remain consistent, they may be virtually unstoppable as they romp through the Upper Division.

Karen y Ricardo face off against three contemporary dance acts. That includes Michael Dameski, the only soloist who made it to the Cut in the Upper Division (all the other contenders are duos). Dameski is also a reality-competition veteran, having won Australia’s version of “So You Think You Can Dance.” Then there’s Ashley and Zack, who have worked with judge Derek Hough before, and MarInspired, whose emotional, abstract style of movement and storytelling was a hit during the Qualifiers, but received mixed reviews during the Duels.

Two hip-hop acts compete: urban dancers Alisa and Joseph and krumpers BDash and Konkrete. And rounding out the top seven are DNA, who appeared in season one but were eliminated during the Duels; they survived that gauntlet this time around, but will the ballroom dancers be able to survive against Karen y Ricardo, whose style they most closely resemble in the Upper Division?

Let us know who you think deserves to win the Upper Division below.

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