Golden Globes 2018: Was the WORST moment of the show Greta Gerwig’s loss, time management, or … ? [POLL]

When all is said and done, the 2018 Golden Globes may go down as one of the better ceremonies in recent memory. Host Seth Meyers was bitingly hilarious, Cecil B. DeMille recipient Oprah Winfrey had us in tears, and there was a nice mix of first-time winners (Frances McDormand, Gary Oldman) and repeat champs (James Franco, Laura Dern). However, if you were forced to put on your pessimist hat and name the WORST moment of the show, what would it be? See some of our suggestions below, and then vote down in our poll.

From the presenters’ dialogue to the winners’ speeches, the theme of the evening was female empowerment. So it seemed a bit off that “Lady Bird,” a film that won Best Comedy Picture and Best Comedy Actress for Saoirse Ronan, failed to earn a trophy for the film’s auteur Greta Gerwig. Sure, Gerwig gave the speech when the coming-of-age film won the top prize, but she didn’t actually take home a Golden Globe for picture (she’s not a producer), writing (she lost to “Three Billboards”) or directing (she was snubbed).

Undoubtedly one of the more irksome moments of the Golden Globes ceremony was the lack of time management. Too many presenters couldn’t do their pre-planned bits because they didn’t have enough time, while many winners — including Oldman, who ignored the play-off music — were rushed off the stage before they could finish their speeches.

Our editors also had some qualms with the show, with Rob Licuria and Amanda Spears complaining about the time-wasting Best Picture clips/presenters, Andrew Carden upset about the lack of a standing ovation for Shirley MacLaine, Tony Ruiz gobsmacked why some of the TV winners were seated so far away from the stage, and Zach Laws mystified by high-profile films like “Dunkirk,” “Get Out” and “Call Me By Your Name” going home empty-handed.

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