2019 Oscars guild awards scorecard: ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ moves into first with two days of voting left

With the Writers Guild and Motion Picture Sound Editors awards on Sunday (February 17), we’ve now heard from 12 of the 13 guilds. The costume designers don’t weigh in till hours after Oscar voting ends on Tuesday, February 19.

The winners with the writers were “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” (adapted”) and “Eighth Grade” (original) while “A Quiet Place” took the top sound editing award. The Oscar frontrunner for Best Original Screenplay, “The Favourite,” was ineligible at the WGA Awards. Over on the sound side, two other Best Picture nominees, “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Roma,” picked up two and one prizes respectively.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” had also won on Saturday with the sound mixers at the Cinema Audio Society Awards. That one-two punch moves this biopic of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury into first on our guild awards scorecard with four wins following its success with the actors and film editors.

That haul puts “Bohemian Rhapsody” one ahead of “Green Book,” which has wins with the actors, casting directors and producers and “Crazy Rich Asians,” which won with both the art and casting directors as well as the hairstylists.

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Below, a breakdown by picture of guild nominations and wins to date.

ACE = American Cinema Editors (nominees, winners)
ADG = Art Directors Guild (nominees, winners)
ASC = American Society of Cinematographers (nominees, winners)
CAS = Cinema Audio Society (nominees, winners)
CDG = Costume Designers Guild (nominees)
CSA = Casting Society of America (nominees, winners)
DGA – Directors Guild of America (nominees, winners)
MPSE – Motion Picture Sound Editors (nominees, winners)
MUAHS – Makeup and Hairstyling (nominees, winners)
PGA = Producers Guild of America (nominees, winners)
SAG = Screen Actors Guild (nominees, winners)
VES = Visual Effects Society (nominees, winners)
WGA = Writers Guild of America (nominees, winners)

Twelve Guilds

“A Star is Born”
ACE – Drama (Jay Cassidy)
ADG – Contemporary (Karen Murphy)
ASC – Matthew Libatique
CAS – Best Sound Mixing
CDG – Contemporary (Erin Benach)
CSA – Big Budget Drama: Mary Vernieu, Lindsay Graham, Raylin Sabo (Associate)
DGA – Director (Bradley Cooper), First-Time Feature Director (Bradley Cooper)
MPSE – Dialogue & ADR, Feature Musical
MUAHSContemporary Make-up (Ve Neill, Debbie Zoller, Sarah Tanno); Contemporary Hairstyling (Lori McCoy-Bell, Joy Zapata, Frederic Aspires)
PGA – Best Picture
SAG – Ensemble, Actor (Bradley Cooper), Actress (Lady Gaga), Supporting Actor (Sam Elliott)
WGA – Adapted (Eric Roth and Bradley Cooper & Will Fetters)

Nine Guilds

“Bohemian Rhapsody”
ACE – Drama (John Ottman, ACE)
ADG – Period (Aaron Haye)
CAS – Best Sound Mixing
CDG – Period (Julian Day)
MPSE – Dialogue & ADR, Feature Musical
MUAHS – Period/Character Make-up (Jan Sewell, Mark Coulier); Period/Character Hairstyling (Jan Sewell, Julio Parodi)
PGA – Best Picture
SAG – Ensemble, Actor (Rami Malek)
VES – Supporting Visual Effects (Feature)

Eight Guilds

ACE – Drama (Barry Alexander Brown)
CDG – Period (Marci Rodgers)
CSA – Studio or Independent Drama: Kim Taylor-Coleman
DGA – Director (Spike Lee)
MUAHS – Period/Character Hairstyling (LaWanda Pierre-Weston, Shaun Perkins)
PGA – Best Picture
SAG – Ensemble, Actor (John David Washington), Supporting Actor (Adam Driver)
WGA – Adapted (Written by Charlie Wachtel & David Rabinowitz and Kevin Willmott & Spike Lee)

“Black Panther”
ADG – Fantasy (Hannah Beachler)
CAS – Best Sound Mixing
CDG – Sci-Fi/Fantasy (Ruth E. Carter)
MPSE – Music, Sound Effects & Foley
MUAHS – Special Make-up Effects (Joel Harlow, Ken Diaz, Sian Richards); Period/Character Hairstyling (Camille Friend, Jaime Leigh McIntosh, Louisa Anthony)
PGA – Best Picture
SAG – Ensemble, Stunt Ensemble
WGA – Adapted (Ryan Coogler & Joe Robert Cole)

Seven Guilds

“Crazy Rich Asians”
ACE – Comedy (Myron Kerstein)
ADG – Contemporary (Nelson Coates)
CDG – Contemporary (Mary E. Vogt)
CSA – Studio or Independent Comedy: Terri Taylor, Sarah Domeier (Associate)
MUAHS – Contemporary Make-up (Heike Merker, Irina Strukova); Contemporary Hairstyling (Heike Merker, Sophia Knight)
PGA – Best Picture
SAG – Ensemble

“The Favourite” (ineligible at CSA, WGA)
ACE – Comedy (Yorgos Mavropsaridis, ACE)
ADG – Period (Fiona Crombie)
ASC – Robbie Ryan
CDG – Period (Sandy Powell)
MPSE – Dialogue & ADR, Sound Effects & Foley
PGA – Best Picture
SAG – Actress (Olivia Colman), Supporting Actress (Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz)

ACE – Comedy (Hank Corwin, ACE)
CSA – Big Budget Drama: Francine Maisler, Amber Wakefield (Additional Casting)
DGA – Director (Adam McKay)
MUAHS – Period/Character Make-up (Kate Biscoe, Ann Pala Williams, Jamie Kelman); Special Make-up Effects (Greg Cannom, Christopher Gallaher)
PGA – Best Picture
SAG – Actor (Christian Bale), Supporting Actress (Amy Adams)
WGA – Original (Adam McKay)

Six Guilds

“First Man”
ACE – Drama (Tom Cross, ACE)
ADG – Period (Nathan Crowley)
ASC – Linus Sandgren
CAS – Best Sound Mixing
MPSE – Dialogue & ADR, Music, Sound Effects & Foley
VES – Supporting Visual Effects (Feature)

“Green Book”
ACE – Comedy (Patrick J. Don Vito)
CSA – Big Budget Comedy: Rick Montgomery, Meagan Lewis (Location Casting), Thomas Sullivan (Associate)
DGA – Director (Peter Farrelly)
PGA – Best Picture
SAG – Actor (Viggo Mortensen), Supporting Actor (Mahershala Ali)
WGA – Original (Nick Vallelonga & Brian Currie & Peter Farrelly)

“Mary Poppins Returns”
ADG – Fantasy (John Myhre)
CDG – Period (Sandy Powell)
CSA – Big Budget Comedy: Bernard Telsey, Tiffany Little Canfield, Conrad Woolfe (Associate), Sarah Trevis (UK Associate)
MPSE – Musical
MUAHS – Period/Character Make-up (Peter Robb-King, Paula Price); Period/Character Hairstyling (Peter Robb-King, Paula Price)
SAG – Actress (Emily Blunt)

“A Quiet Place”
ADG – Contemporary (Jeffrey Beecroft)
CAS – Best Sound Mixing
MPSE – Dialogue & ADR, Music, Sound Effects & Foley
PGA – Best Picture
SAG – Supporting Actress (Emily Blunt)
WGA – Original (Bryan Woods & Scott Beck and John Krasinski, Story by Bryan Woods & Scott Beck

ACE – Drama (Alfonso Cuarón & Adam Gough)
ADG – Period (Eugenio Caballero)
ASC – Alfonso Cuaron
DGA – Director (Alfonso Cuaron)
MPSE – Music, Foreign Language
PGA – Best Picture
WGA – Original (Alfonso Cuaron)

Five Guilds

“The Ballad of Buster Scruggs”
ADG – Period (Jess Gonchor)
CSA – Big Budget Comedy: Ellen Chenoweth, Jo Edna Boldin (Location Casting), Susanne Scheel (Associate), Marie A.K. McMaster (Location Associate)
MPSE – Music
MUAHS – Special Make-up Effects (Christien Tinsley, Corey Welk, Rolf Keppler)
SAG – Stunt Ensemble

Four Guilds 

“Avengers: Infinity War”
CDG – Sci-Fi/Fantasy (Judianna Makovsky)
MPSE –  Sound Effects & Foley
SAG – Stunt Ensemble
VES – Visual Effects (Feature)

Three Guilds 

CDG – Sci-Fi/Fantasy (Kym Barrett)
MPSE – Music
MUAHS – Special Make-up Effects (Justin Raleigh, Ozzy Alvarez, Sean Genders)

“Beautiful Boy”
CSA – Studio or Independent Drama: Francine Maisler, Amber Wakefield (Associate)
MUAHS – Contemporary Make-up (Ve Neill, Debbie Zoller, Sarah Tanno)
SAG – Supporting Actor (Timothee Chalamet)

“Can You Ever Forgive Me?”
CSA – Studio or Independent Drama: Jennifer Euston, SJ Allocco (Associate)
SAG – Actress (Melissa McCarthy), Supporting Actor (Richard E. Grant)
WGA – Adapted (Nicole Holofcener and Jeff Whitty)

“Deadpool 2”
ACE – Comedy (Craig Alpert, ACE, Elísabet Ronaldsdóttir & Dirk Westervelt)
CSA – Big Budget Comedy: Mary Vernieu, Marisol Roncali, Corinne Clark (Location Casting), Jennifer Page (Location Casting), Yumi Takada (Location Casting), Nina Henninger (Location Casting), Raylin Sabo (Associate)
MPSE – Sound Effects & Foley

“Mary Queen of Scots”
CDG – Period (Alexandra Byrne)
MUAHS – Period/Character Make-up (Jenny Shircore, Hannah Edwards, Sarah Kelly); Period/Character Hairstyling (Jenny Shircore, Marc Pilcher)
SAG – Supporting Actress (Margot Robbie)

“Mission: Impossible – Fallout”
ADG – Contemporary (Peter Wenham)
MPSE – Dialogue & ADR, Music, Sound Effects & Foley
SAG – Stunt Ensemble

“Ready Player One”
ADG – Fantasy (Adam Stockhausen)
MPSE – Sound Effects & Foley
VES – Visual Effects (Feature)

“Welcome to Marwen”
ADG – Contemporary (Stefan Dechant)
MUAHS – Contemporary Make-up (Ve Neill, Rosalina De Silva)
VES – Visual Effects (Feature)

CSA – Big Budget Drama: “Francine Maisler, Jennifer Rudnicke (Location Casting), Mickie Paskal (Location Casting), Amber Wakefield (Associate)
CDG – Contemporary (Jenny Eagan)
MUAHS – Contemporary Make-up (Ma Kalaadevi Ananda, Denise Pugh-Ruiz, Jacqueline Fernandez); Contemporary Hairstyling (Linda Flowers, Daniel Curet, Denise Wynbrandt)

Two Guilds

“Boy Erased”
CSA – Big Budget Drama: Carmen Cuba, Tara Feldstein Bennett (Location Casting), Chase Paris (Location Casting), Shelby Cherniet (Associate)
MUAHS – Contemporary Make-up (Kimberly Jones, Mi Young, Kyra Panchenko)

“Eighth Grade”
DGA – First-Time Feature Director (Bo Burnham)
WGA – Original (Bo Burnham)

“If Beale Street Could Talk”
CSA – Studio or Independent Drama: Cindy Tolan, Anne Davison (Associate)
WGA – Adapted (Barry Jenkins)

One Guild 

“Ant-Man and the Wasp”
SAG – Stunt Ensemble

“Ben is Back”
CSA – Studio or Independent Drama: Bernard Telsey

“Bird Box”
VES – Supporting Visual Effects (Feature)

“Book Club”
CSA – Studio or Independent Comedy: Kerry Barden, Paul Schnee, Avy Kaufman, Roya Semnanian (Associate), Joey Montenarello (Associate)

“Christopher Robin”
VES – Visual Effects (Feature)

“Cold War”
ASC – Lukasz Zal

“Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald,”
ADG – Fantasy (Stuart Craig)

“Game Night”
CSA – Big Budget Comedy: Rich Delia, Tara Feldstein Bennett (Location Casting), Chase Paris (Location Casting), Adam Richards (Associate)

“The Hate U Give”
CSA – Big Budget Drama: Yesi Ramirez, Tara Feldstein Bennett (Location Casting), Chase Paris (Location Casting)

“The House With a Clock in Its Walls”
ADG – Fantasy (Jon Hutman)

“Love, Simon”
CSA – Studio or Independent Comedy: Denise Chamian, Tara Feldstein Bennett (Location Casting), Chase Paris (Location Casting)

“The Nutcracker and the Four Realms”
CDG – Sci-Fi/Fantasy (Jenny Beavan)

“Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again”
CDG – Contemporary (Michele Clapton)

“Nappily Ever After”
MUAHS –  Contemporary Hairstyling (Dawn Turner, Larry Simms)

“Ocean’s 8”
CDG – Contemporary (Sarah Edwards)

“Outlaw King”
VES – Supporting Visual Effects (Feature)

“Private Life”
CSA – Studio or Independent Comedy: Jeanne McCarthy, Rori Bergman, Karlee Fomalont (Associate)

“Solo: A Star Wars Story”
VES – Visual Effects (Feature)

“Sorry to Bother You”
CSA – Studio or Independent Comedy: Eyde Belasco, Nina Henninger (Location Casting), Sarah Kliban (Location Associate)

“Stan & Ollie”
MUAHS – Period/Character Make-up (Jeremy Woodhead, Marc Coulier); Special Make-up Effects (Jeremy Woodhead, Marc Coulier)

“12 Strong”
VES – Supporting Visual Effects (Feature)

“Vox Lux”
MUAHS –  Contemporary Hairstyling (Esther Ahn, Daniel Koye)

“The Wife”
SAG – Actress (Glenn Close)

“A Wrinkle in Time”
CDG – Sci-Fi/Fantasy (Paco Delgado)

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