2019 SAG Awards: The best and bitchiest forum reactions to the TV winners (and losers)

The Screen Actors Guild Awards TV winners over the years can be simultaneously shocking and infuriating (Alec Baldwin seven years in a row, really?), and this year’s nominations already caused a lot of head-scratching for our forum posters with those four bids for “Ozark.” They naturally unloaded once again during Sunday’s ceremony. Here is a sampling of their reactions to the winners and, of course, the losers. Join in here.

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DonnaLyaman: They repeated This is Us? Ew

Gregory Delisle: This is us? Ok now they are trolling us

ginnala: The cast of TIU is great so I don’t mind them winning. It could have been worse. Like Ozark.

methaddiction: Westworld should’ve won this category hands down.


methaddiction: I’m pretty sure I put a super bet on Bateman winning.

Sasha: I don’t know how to comment that… okay, I have something. At least it wasn’t Sterling K. Brown. That’s all I have.

aahoto: Justice for Odenkirk, Jesus Christ. Do SAG and TV Academy even WATCH Better Call Saul?


ginnala: I love Sandra Oh but her performance on Killing Eve is starting to be really overrated.

Atypical: Now is Sandra Oh’s time! I can’t believe it.

O’Hara: I loved both leading ladies in Killing Eve and I think they both deserve recognition but who gave the superior performance? Comer definitely.


Tomy Harrison: Maisel wins big tonight!!!!!!!!!

Kord Dkt: The MMM is overrated and overrewarded imo.

Atypical: Andddd an entire sweep for “Maisel”! Eh, okay then.


FreemanGriffin: Tony Shalhoub won Best Actor Comedy – I am really surprised!

Guest 2018: Winning a zillion times for Monk can do that.

Miles: This one is tough for me because while I admire Bill Hader’s dramatic work in Barry (see Episode 7 for a real master class – no pun intended) Tony Shalhoub is so hilarious in Mrs. Maisel that I can’t choose, they’re not really comparable. Bill Hader deserved his Emmy hands down but I might have voted for Shalhoub on this one.


Trevor Jann: Hm. Vote splitting happened in the male comedy race but not the female one.

Atypical: Annnnd Rachel Brosnahan sweeps! Get all those awards before Julia comes back and ruins it for you lol.


methaddiction: Darren Criss sweep.

Kord dkt: Darren Criss is boring

Ivo Stoyanov: Darren Criss gave the best male performance of the year, he deserves this so much! Bravo!


methaddiction: Amy is done.

nahborghi: Patricia Arquette FINALLY gives a speech without that little paper of hers. I think she wasn’t expecting it at all

Sasha: Nice! Patty’s going for a clean sweep. Emmy’s just a formality now. Oh, and it’s official: fellow actors hate Amy Adams.

Teridax, the Aspiring Champion of Goldderby predictions!: knew Patricia Arquette in Escape From Dannemora would win over Amy Adams in that Sharp Objects trash. I am no Adams hater, but she had the same facial expression 99% of the time on that show. No real nuance or range from Adams, while many call Dannemora Arquette’s career-best work, so predicting her was a no-brainer for me.

HappyLittleWorkingSong: Amy Adams can’t even win a damn TV award, I’m— what does she have to do to finally get what she deserves, this is insanity

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