2020 Grammy reactions: Readers sound off on Lana Del Rey and Beyonce, and ‘WTF’ happened in Best New Artist?

Music fans have been sounding off in our forums about the 2020 Grammy nominations, which were announced on Wednesday morning, November 20. Scroll down to read some of their most shocked, overjoyed and outraged reactions, and join the discussion here.

There were lots of surprises, especially in the general field categories where the final decisions were made by a mercurial nomination review committee that threw us curveballs like H.E.R. and Bon Iver. But even though Beyonce didn’t make the cut in those top categories, she did manage a surprising four nominations in genre fields, including Best Pop Solo Performance and Best Pop Album for her contributions to “The Lion King” and Best Music Film for her Netflix special “Homecoming.” She has won 23 Grammys to date, and if she manages to sweep all of those, she would tie Alison Krauss as the most awarded woman in Grammy history.

Readers were also excited about the Album of the Year nomination for Lana Del Rey‘s “Norman Fucking Rockwell,” as well as her Song of the Year nomination for the title track. One commenter hopes Del Rey wins and hopes the presenter says the whole profane title live on national television.

Speaking of profanity, our readers were especially taken by surprise in the Best New Artist race, which was described as a “giant WTF,” especially with more obscure nominees Black Pumas and Tank and the Bangas making the cut over better-known artists like Lewis Capaldi and Megan Thee Stallion. Those two nominated acts weren’t even in our predictions center and drew blank stares from our posters. Or as one commenter put it, “Who are these people?”

Check out more reactions below, and visit our forums to join the chorus of yays and boos.


syrus80: “These noms are dreadful! I do not understand the love for H.E.R.”

Matt2019: “I’m definitely pleased about the 62nd Grammy nominations despite why Lil Nas X is nominated for AOTY?”

Bacchant: “Honestly, why ‘7’ [by Lil Nas X] instead of ‘Igor’ [by Tyler the Creator]? A complete disappointment.”

Dennis El Mar: “Yes! Lana getting into SOTY and AOTY, and Vampire Weekend in AOTY!”

fortheculute: “I hope when Lana wins AOTY, the announcer opens the envelope and says ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell’ on live television.”

Boz: “Even if she loses everything, I’m happy Ariana got into the [general field]. She needed to breakthrough out of the Pop field ASAP.”

MrOceanBlueEyes: “I do not think Billie [Eilish] is gonna win AOTY on her first time. There’s a possibility, but I think she could split the votes with Ariana and the Alt. Rock nominees.”


Marcus Snowden (The Artist Formerly Known as msnowden1): “If Halsey can’t even get nominated for a Grammy for one of the biggest hits in Billboard history, what else can she do?”

M: “Lewis Capaldi went #1 after the voting closed. I wouldn’t rule him out completely in SOTY. He blew up right in time for the BRP meetings which got him SOTY, but was a bit late for the pop categories since the voting took place in September. If the song continues to be #1. I can see him winning.”

Gucci: “I can see Lizzo losing Best New Artist to Billie Eilish, but winning Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best R&B Performance and Best Urban Contemporary Album.”

Matt2019: “‘Lover’ [by Taylor Swift] will win SOTY.”


chem_x: “Best New Artist is a giant WTF”

JDM: “Rosalia, ah yes! But who TF are the other people?”

Distant Dreamer: “Wow, Lewis [Capaldi] really didn’t make it into BNA.”

Gucci: “Honey, I never heard of Black Pumas and Tank and whatever they’re called.”

Hilton Foster: “WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?”


M: “At this point, telling Beyonce that she got new Grammy nominations it’s like telling her good morning LOL. She gets them every year regardless of how well she does.”

reputationsgrammy: “‘Spirit’ in Pop Solo is a literal GAG. NO ONE saw that coming OMFG.”

Hilton Foster: “Maren Morris — where the hell is she? Only one nomination.”

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