2020 SAG film nominations forums reactions: Cheers for ‘Parasite’ and Lupita Nyong’o, jeers for Robert De Niro and ‘Little Women’ snubs

Our forum users were up bright and early to give their savage takes on the 2020 SAG film nominations. Though there was a lot to be excited about, there were just as many surprising snubs that had them shaking their fists in rage. Take a look at a sampling below, then jump in if you dare.

Best Film Ensemble:
MoonlightTommy: Poor “Little Women”… I’m not even sure it’s going to be in Best Picture at this point.

Nikhil: I don’t think a single expert had “Parasite” in ensemble, this movie is coming people!

Another Vice: “Bombshell” literally maxed out while “Little Women” was completely blanked despite both sending late screeners. “Little Women” truly sinking. Surprised that “Marriage Story” didn’t get Ensemble here though.

Best Film Actor:
Leo Grant Logan: Maybe Christian Bale or Taron Egerton are getting closer to Oscar noms than we think!

chem_x: Really sad about De Niro. I thought his performance was great and loved the movie as well… but it’s looking like another year where Netflix doesn’t win BP, wow

Lil Tony: snubs all the way for Eddie Murphy, but I’m happy for Phoenix and Egerton. They so much deserved

Best Film Actress:
Friki Witch: Lupita is back yaaass

abelfenty: Cynthia Erivo over Awkwafina…someone hold me back.


Best Film Supporting Actor:
Nikhil: To everyone not predicting both Pacino and Pesci, it’s now time to realize they are both happening.

linecelts: Jamie Foxx made the nominations……GOOD!!!!

Nate: I am so glad that I held onto that Jamie Foxx nomination, but I fear that this may be a blip and probably hurts Willem Dafoe more than it helps Jamie Foxx.

Best Film Supporting Actress:
John Nguyen: “Little Women” is dead! No Pugh or Saoirse.

AayaanUpdahyaya: Kidman really is happening, isn’t she? “Bombshell” over-performs.

Faux architect: I think Nicole and Scarjo will be replaced by more artsy nominees at the Oscars like Shuzhen Zhao. It seems like an Oscars thing.

Best Film Stunts:
Lil Tony: what was the stunt in “The Irishman”?

abelfenty: No “1917” in stunts? Wtf.

nevkm: This is embarrassing. “John Wick” and “1917” deserved.

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