36% of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ fans got most jazzed over Bailey’s leather-clad sexy time with Mariah to ‘Need You Tonight’ [POLL RESULTS]

Turns out, ‘So You Think You Can Dance” devotees like what Season 16 winner Bailey Munoz likes. Out of the numbers he did on the show’s finale, 36% chose his jazzy Ray Leeper duet with runner-up Mariah Russell to INXS’ “Need You Tonight” –complete with bare chest and sexy black-leather outfits — as their favorite. The routine revealed a more studly side to this b-boy, a guy who is so sweet and cute that he always gave Mariah flowers when they practiced together.

In second place, with 26% of the vote, was his Aloe Blackstone jazz routine with second runner-up and contemporary dancer Gino Cosculluela to “The Girl From Ipanema,” as they both tried to catch the eye of the imaginary lovely on the beach.

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Coming in third was his funky Luther Brown hip-hop routine with Mariah and an all-terrain vehicle to the song “Tempo.” Next popular was his romantic contemporary routine to “Slide” atop a rooftop prop alongside Mariah. It tied for fourth with his spirtual three-way routine with Gino and ballroom dancer Ezra Sosa to the song “Amen,” with 9% backing.

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Alas, his yummy Broadway number as a waiter at an Italian restaurant who gives some personal service to customer All-Star Koine to Dean Martin’s rendition of “Mambo Italiano” only scored 3% of the voting.

All in all, Bailey was the MVP of the Season 16 wrap-up given that he performed in a total nine routines, including group numbers. That is what happens when judges pick your routines for their season-closer encores.

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