43% of ‘Survivor’ fans thought the Extinction Island twist was ‘a waste of time’ [POLL RESULTS]

Now that the dust has settled on “Survivor: Edge of Extinction”and the long-running reality show’s 39th edition, “The Island of Idols,” is waiting in the wings, let’s access whether keeping almost every player around for most of the game and wasting precious minutes of TV time watching them climb up rocky terrains to find beer bottles filled with hints and advantages was really worth our while.

Of course, the biggest bugaboo for many was that Chris Underwood, who was the third castaway voted off and only participated in the game for just 13 days, basically won because he made fire faster than the stand-out player this season, Rick Devens.  Not that Chris cheated or anything. But it just felt unfair somehow.

We asked “Survivor” fans whether the Extinction Island  twist was a good addition to the season or was it more like Ex-stink-tion Island. The outcome: 43% of voters said that it was a waste of time and allowed a player who was barely seen on the show to ultimately win Sole Survivor.

There were 21% who felt it could have been an interesting concept but it wasn’t well integrated with the show’s main competition. Only 13% enjoyed the change of pace and liked that Chris managed to upend the game to his advantage. Meanwhile, 6% felt the twist offered some relief from the usual routine of the show but it promised more drama than it ultimately delivered.

As for the strongest naysayers, 17% said don’t ever do this twist again, declaring it boring, over-hyped and unnecessary.

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Pretty much the tribe of Survivor fans have spoken and they think Extinction Island should live up to its name and disappear. A few shared their thoughts in the comments:

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  1. What a big disappointment with survivor, their new twist was a slap in the face to the real survivor of the game which was Rick Devens. He was totally robbed of the title of sole survivor, he outplayed, outwitted, and outlasted everyone else. This new twist was a poor choice in the game, Chris did not deserve to win as he did not play the game.

  2. I couldn’t finish the last hour after Rick was off. Seemed so wrong to have Chris in the final 5-6 when he did not deserve to be there. Makes me not want another show ..don’t ever do that again .I think Extinction people should have last go mid first part to mid game..that would have been more fair

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