Praise be: 87% say nice has become a vice for those gushing ‘American Idol’ judges [POLL RESULTS]

A whopping 87% of ‘American Idol’ fans wish that the  judges took their chumminess towards potential contestants down a notch during the audition rounds. They agreed that Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan should stop fawning so much over the contenders. Instead, they should simply tell it like it is and not declare every other female singer to be the second coming of Kelly Clarkson or tell the guys they are top 10 material after just one song.

A mere 8% said that the world is filled with too much hate and not enough love these days. They give nice “Idol” a thumbs up. And only 5% were glad that the era of Simon Cowell nastiness was over.

The question is, of course, which is crueler? Speaking the truth and telling an “Idol” wanna-be, as Simon once did, that “If I were you, I’d phone up the War Department and volunteer your services because you just invented a new form of torture?” Or comparing them to Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Billy Joel and Johnny Cash or declaring someone “a religious experience” or a “genius.”

Another peeve? Having auditioners drag their moms into the room and let them go ga-gag over Richie. Then there is Perry, feeding them chips, bonding over her googly-eyed manicure and connecting to their back stories. Not that they haven’t found a few talented gems that seem to have enormous potential, such as Vietnamese singer Myra Tran  and  Pomona, California, resident Alejandro Arandra. But even they need some seasoning.

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