‘AGT: Champions’ leaked video: Tape Face just did something no other act has ever done [WATCH]

Longtime fans of “America’s Got Talent” may remember a certain mime from Season 11 that had the judges and audience laughing their mouths off week after week. Known only as Tape Face, the comedy star never said a word during his entire “AGT” journey, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a Finalist that year (he eventually lost to singer/ukuleleist Grace VanderWaal). Now that Tape Face has returned for “America’s Got Talent: The Champions,” can he actually win this time around? Watch NBC’s leaked video of Tape Face above and tune in Monday, January 28 for the full episode.

For his latest act, Tape Face first asks Howie Mandel to join him up on the stage. He gives Howie a “Stay Weird” hat an a gaudy gold chain, then asks him to do a little dance along to some rap music while scratching a record. The audience cheers as Howie walks back down to the judges’ table.

Next up, Tape Face brings out host Terry Crews and instructs him to put on a pair of tattered overalls, a Hawaiian shirt, a fluorescent green worker’s jacket and a white safety hat. Tape Face rushes over to the panel and pretends to be a fifth judge. Sexy music begins playing and Terry soon realizes what’s going on … so he takes off his clothes in a sexy striptease!

Tape Face then does something no other act in “AGT” history has ever done: he hits his own Golden Buzzer! Golden confetti rains down over Terry as he holds his hands up the air triumphantly. All four judges — Howie, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum and Mel B — jump up to their feet to show their support for Terry and, by default, for the ingenuity in Tape Face’s act.

Do YOU think Tape Face did enough to make it into the Finals of “America’s Got Talent: The Champions”? He has two chances to advance: via a Golden Buzzer or via the Superfan vote. So far only six acts have sailed through to the Finals: singers Susan Boyle, Cristina Ramos, Angelica Hale and Paul Potts, fellow comedy act Preacher Lawson and extreme knife throwers Deadly Games.

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