Dropping like flies: Why are so many ‘Got Talent’ winners being eliminated early on ‘AGT: Champions’?

Simon Cowell said in the first episode of “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” that many past winners of the “Got Talent” shows around the world didn’t want to return for NBC’s spinoff series because they were afraid of losing. Well, it looks like their fears were justified.

In just the first two episodes of “AGT: Champions,” a whopping six winners dropped like flies: singing ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer (“America’s Got Talent” 12), singer Bianca Ryan (“AGT” 1), dog act Ashleigh and Sully (“Britain’s Got Talent” 6), jump ropers DDF Crew (“Holland’s Got Talent” 5), sword swallower Alex Magala (“Russia’s Got Talent” 8) and dance troupe Justice Crew (“Australia’s Got Talent” 4). So far the only winner to make it into the Finals has been opera/rock singer Cristina Ramos (“Spain’s Got Talent”), thanks to the Superfan voters.

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Is it possible that Mel and Heidi didn’t hit their Golden Buzzers for people like Darci and Bianca because they’d already won before, and they wanted to give others “Champions” a shot? If that’s the case, then the upcoming winners had better step up their games: DJ Arch Jnr (“South Africa’s Got Talent” 6), opera singer Paul Potts (“BGT” 1), dancer Kenichi Ebina (“AGT” 12), dance duo Moonlight Brothers (“Denmark’s Got Talent” 4), ventriloquist Paul Zerdin (“AGT” 10), The Professional Regurgitator (“Germany’s Got Talent” 12), shadow group Attraction (“BGT” 7), sand artist Kseniya Simonova (“Ukraine’s Got Talent” 1), comedian Lost Voice Guy (“BGT” 12), magician Shin Lim (“AGT” 13) and musician Tokio Myers (“BGT” 11).

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One saving grace seems to be the 50 Superfan voters who wield all the power this season. They voted Cristina through to the Finals in the second episode even though she previously won “Spain’s Got Talent.” Since Darci Lynne was their second choice, they clearly didn’t hold the fact that they were both prior winners against them. However, in the premiere the Superfans chose to put through comedian Preacher Lawson, a former finalist, over “AGT’s” first-ever winner Bianca.

Do you think the Superfans made the right choice to eliminate Darci? According to our recent poll, a whopping 81% said that the Superfans goofed because Darci deserved to be in the Finals. To compare, 9% said it was “a tough choice,” while 10% said the Superfans chose correctly because she already “had her moment in the spotlight.”

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