All 8 Best Picture Oscar nominees end awards seasons with at least one guild win each

In a sign of the competitiveness of this year’s Oscar race for Best Picture, each of the eight nominees prevailed with at least one of the 13 guilds that hand out prizes. The leader on the scoreboard is “Bohemian Rhapsody” with four wins from: the actors (lead Rami Malek), film editors (John Ottman on the drama side), sound editors and sound mixers (dialogue & ADR, feature musical).

Among the bids “Bohemian Rhapsody” lost was in the period film race at the Costume Design Awards on Tuesday, just hours after Oscar voting ended. “The Favourite” took that prize, adding to its previous success with the art directors and film editors (Yorgos Mavropsaridis on the comedy side) to end the guild awards season with three wins.

Likewise for “Black Panther,” which claimed the fantasy film award from the CDG. It had previously prevailed in that category with the art directors and had also won over the actors claiming both ensemble awards.

Green Book” also won over three guilds, topped by its Best Picture award from the producers who use the same preferential ballot as the academy. It also won at SAG (supporting actor, Mahershala Ali) and with the casting directors (big budget comedy).

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Roma,” which is the Oscar frontrunner for Best Picture, found success with only two guilds. Alfonso Cuaron won with the DGA and the sound editors awarded it in the foreign-language film category.

Vice” was a winner with two guilds as well: the casting directors (big budget drama) and twice with the makeup artists.

While “A Star is Born” reaped bids from all the guilds except the Visual Effects Society, it only won for its contemporary makeup.

And “BlacKkKlansman” numbered just one win as well from the casting directors, who awarded it the studio/independent drama prize.

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