Let’s root for ‘Ambitions’ to sweep the next Emmys!

Congrats to Jamey Giddens, who’s predicted the Daytime Emmys with Gold Derby in the past. The founder of soap-opera site DaytimeConfidential now has his own soap that recently debuted on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) – “Ambitions,” which he created with producer Will Packer, and let’s all hope it sweeps the next Primetime Emmy derby.

Given Jamey’s impressive expertise tracking all soaps as a journo, his “Ambitions” deserves to snatch awards from all bitchy TV rivals because it’s the soapiest ever. Notes TVLine‘s Andy Swift: “One thing I appreciate about ‘Ambitions’ is that it isn’t afraid to go from zero to completely insane in the blink of an eye.”

Soaps.com calls the program “over the top yet entertaining, filled with juicy secrets lies, affairs and beautiful people. You know, everything you want in a soap opera.”

Jamey adds this description, “‘Ambitions’ is a modernday ‘Game of Thrones’ minus the dragons,” but, wait: there really are lots of dragons on screen if you count what he describes as “five interconnected families full of schemers and scoundrels” spitting hellfire at each other and anyone else foolish enough to cross their blazing paths.

“Viewers will have fun watching rich people suffer and see middle-class people strive to achieve more, but also suffer,” Jamey adds. “Just about everybody suffers on ‘Ambitions.'”

Robin Givens stars as Stephanie Carlisle, who sees to that. She doles out a lot of that suffering as a hellcat lawyer married to Atlanta’s mayor.  She is TV’s ultimate tantrum-tossing diva who relishes breaking the law: she’ll do anything to crush her rivals or to indulge a passing, selfish whim, including pulling a gun on her hubby. Her chief foe is her former best friend, who is now a prosecutor in Atlanta’s U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Attention, Emmy voters and all diva fans: You can see all episodes here. For upcoming new installments, tune in weekly Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET and PT on the OWN channel.

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