Which of ‘American Idol’s’ holy trinity of judges is your favorite? Katy Perry, Lionel Richie or Luke Bryan? [POLL]

I don’t know about you, but I never really thought that Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. completely clicked as a judging panel on the last three seasons that “American Idol” was on Fox. Obviously, they all had their share of success as performers.  When it came to connecting to the singing contestants from the heartland, upbeat Urban was about the only one who felt warm and earnest. Lopez basically leaned on her “goosies” radar too much and Connick could come off a bit harsh, even aloof and professorial sometimes.

But while I don’t always agree with the current threesome in charge of whittling down the crowd of contenders on the ABC revival of the show, I must say that Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan‘s commaraderie makes for reasonable entertaining viewing, even if they are too quick to overpraise in the early rounds.

They also each have their own way to put the contestants at ease. Perry plays the clown, usually finding something to connect to with each and every nervous wanna-be star. A good example was on the first episode of Season 17 when the “Firework” singer chatted up In-N Out Burger cook Johanna Jones and told her how she met her future fiance, Orlando Bloom, when he stole an In-N-Out burger from her while they were at the Golden Globes.

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Bryan is an easy-going country dude, who is capable of an honest assessment but strives not to get too negative. He, too, is up for high-jinks with the contestants, such as placing a blonde sprite of a 15-year-old singer who lives on a ranch in Texas upon his shoulders so the kid could better show off his lassoing skills by roping Katy.

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As for the elder of the group, Richie more than indulges the contestant’s moms as they go ga-ga for the guy who sang “Hello” when they were young. Mr. “All Night Long” is a hugger by nature and also is man enough to openly weep when a young blind female singer belts out “Rise Up.” But he can handle the truth when saying no to a sub-par choice, too

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After last season, you probably already know who your favorite is among three judges. Take our poll below and feel free to share your reasons why you selected Katy, Luke or Bryan as the most supreme judge in the comments section below.

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