‘American Idol’ tearjerker: Lionel Richie weeps buckets during blind singer Shayy’s ‘Rise Up’ cover [WATCH]

Wednesday night on “American Idol,” Lionel Richie was brought to tears when a blind high school singer named Shayy effortlessly delivered Andra Day‘s “Rise Up” while standing completely motionless. Lionel couldn’t hold back his emotions during her audition, with Luke Bryan later commenting, “Lionel, you look like you’re walking a daughter down the aisle.” Lionel responded that “every once in a while” someone special comes along, and for him that person is Shayy. Watch the “American Idol” video above.

Shayy recently lost her vision due to a brain tumor, which the doctors were only partially able to remove. When it comes to the possibility of her getting her sight back one day, she explained, “Basically I’m like a question mark.” Shayy started experiencing bullying at school after she lost her sight, but we have a feeling things will change after her classmates watch her “American Idol” audition.

“Shayy, you have what we cannot teach,” Luke informed the 17-year-old high school student. “We cannot teach people to just sing like that. We cannot teach letting the music flow straight from the soul and that’s what you did. It just pours out of you.”

When the lump in Lionel’s throat finally went away, he was able to tell Shayy, “You’re a lesson to us all. It’s the power of the spirit. You’re the reminder of just how blessed we are. Here you are with all of your story. You walk out here with all the confidence in the world. You just deliver your spirit. You touched me.”

Lionel looked over at Katy Perry and saw that she was also crying. “Katy and I, we don’t cry together,” Lionel remarked. “We do a lot of joking around. I’m so in love with you.” That’s when Katy chimed in, “I’m absolutely in love with you as well. You’re so inspiring. Plus, you sing like an angel.” Shayy easily sailed through to the next round with three “yes” votes.

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