‘American Idol’ recap: Top 14 become Top 10 on Night 13 of Season 17 [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

The April 15 episode of “American Idol” will see the Top 14 cut down to the final 10 artists still in contention for the season 17 title. Each of the remaining contestants sang one song on Sunday’s show. On Monday, host Ryan Seacrest will reveal which seven number among America’s favorites and have earned places in the Top 10. Upon learning their fate, each contestant will then have to sing one more song. The three judges — Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie — will confer and choose the three to go on in the competition (and the four to be sent home).

The season 17 finalists are: Alejandro Aranda, Laci Kaye Booth, Walker Burroughs, Evelyn Cormier, Wade Cota, Dimitrius Graham, Laine HardyJeremiah Lloyd Harmon, Ashley Hess, Eddie Island, Uché Ndubizu, Alyssa Raghunandan, Riley Thompson and Madison VanDenburg.

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Below, follow along as we recap all the action on “American Idol” season 17 night 13 in our updating live blog.

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8:00 p.m. – It’s time to reveal the Top 10 on “American Idol,” and in doing so, we’re about to find out who the early front-runners actually are. For weeks we’ve hypothesized who is most likely to win, but for the first time we’re getting a taste of what the viewing audience is responding to. The top seven artists with the most votes will be revealed before three more will be saved by the judges. Let’s get started!

8:10 p.m. – First to learn her fate is Madison, and she’s in the Top 10! Madison is thrilled, but will have to overcome her emotions to reprise a performance of “You and I” by Lady Gaga. Madison is keeping it simple, sitting on a stool next to one guitarist accompanying her. This stripped down version allows Madison’s vocals to shine and as she hits the chorus she can’t help but get up work the stage. Madison was expected to safely advance this week and she’s proving why. By the end, tears are flowing as if she’s already won. Buckle up Madison, there’s a long road ahead!

8:15 p.m. – Evelyn is the second artist called out to speak with Ryan, and she is given the tough news that she has NOT been voted into the Top 10. Can she convince the judges to keep her? Singing “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas, Evelyn is scaling it way back compared to the jam she sang last night. This is a much better song choice for her, but I still dislike her diction. The way she draws out words is grating to my ears, even though she’s on pitch and has a nice voice. If I were one of the judges I would let her go at this point, but we never know what they’re thinking! Lionel says he’s in shock and he’s a fan, but I’m also pretty sure he just called her Emerson. Does he even know her name? Katy says Evelyn handled the situation like a pro and she’s a huge can. Luke thinks America is divided on Evelyn’s style, but it doesn’t mean she can’t have a successful career.

8:20 p.m. – Next in the spotlight is Walker, who had a pretty rowdy audience response. Is that an indicator he’s moving on? Yes! Walker is in the Top 10 and he’ll celebrate by singing “Lovebug” by the Jonas Brothers. It was nice to see Walker take a chance last night with a ballad, but this folksy-turned rock’n roll pop song is his bread and butter. Walker is so full of natural charisma, I think he’ll stick around for quite a while. We also learned that an ice cream company has named a flavor after Walker, and when the judges get their hands on a pint of it they are too distracted to comment on Walker’s performance. But he’s moving on!

8:30 p.m. – Up next, Riley learns that she hasn’t been voted into the Top 10 but hopes to earn a judge’s save with “It Must Be Love” by Don Williams. Riley smiles confidently as she works the stage while singing off key. I’m not sure one note was on pitch and that could send her packing. I thought she’d snag a wildcard before this, but that was a disaster. Luke loved the song choice, but saw that her nerves were shaken. Katy says Riley needs to brush it off her shoulders and says America loves her. Lionel praises her gumption but advises her to forget the point because it’s all about the game. Nothing the judges said makes me feel like they’ll be saving her.

8:40 p.m. – Ryan has results for Jeremiah now and I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t get voted through. Even Elton John himself said Jeremiah’s performance last night took his breath away. America agrees! He’s in the Top 10! He will celebrate with a reprise of his original song “Almost Heaven.” After learning more about Jeremiah’s story throughout the season, this song has so much more meaning to me as a listener. Another passionate, killer ballad from Jeremiah!

8:50 p.m. – Next to learn her fate is Alyssa who looks both terrified and excited to speak with Ryan. Unfortunately, her nerves were warranted. She did not make the Top 10 and Katy looks disappointed. In perhaps an appeal for Katy to save her, Alyssa sings the judge’s own song “The One That Got Away.” Was this a genius move? Or will Katy see through it? Alyssa looks beautiful tonight and sounds good, but I’m generally not moved by her voice. I prefer when she’s having more fun on stage. Immediately following her performance, Alyssa begins to cry but says she’s grateful and this has been her dream since she was born. Luke applauds her for coming back this year with a stronger voice and a shining light. Katy says the performance was beautiful and 100 times better than her own version. Lionel loves Alyssa’s heart and drive and says she always does what they ask of her.

8:55 p.m. – It’s time for Wade to find out if he’s made the Top 10 and after he goes to meet with Ryan, it’s good news! Wade will celebrate by singing “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Wade flourishes with these dark rock ballads. I like Wade’s tone, even if some haters think he fakes it. Why would that even matter if he did? Evelyn sings with an accent I’ve never heard before and she’s from New Hampshire. Singing is an art, artists can use their voice as they like and I generally like how Wade sounds. He’s moving on!

9:05 p.m. – Dimitrius is about to learn his fate and after last night’s performance, I’d be a little surprised if he’s voted through. And he wasn’t. But the judges seem to love him, so can he convince them to save him? He’s singing “When the Party’s Over” by Billie Eilish. One of my favorite things about Dimitrius is his odd song choices but he’s inconsistent vocally. Lionel is staring a hole through Dimitrius as if to beg him to give the judge a valid reason to save him. I think Dimitrius is succeeding in showing off the various textures of his voice, but are the judges sold? Luke loves the choice of song and said it was the most connected he’s ever felt to Dimitrius’ performance. Katy says she wanted to hear his heart tonight and he really brought it. Lionel says his performance told everyone that there is more to him. Of anyone in the bottom seven so far, Dimitrius got the best feedback and I expect him to be saved.

9:15 p.m. – Laci is up next and she walks nervously with Ryan out to the stage to learn she has been voted through! She’ll celebrate with “As Long As You Follow” by Fleetwood Mac. I like Laci’s sultry vocals and she’s got great stage presence, but this is probably my least favorite performance of hers. Lucky for her, that doesn’t really matter. She’s moving on and she deserves to.

9:20 p.m. – It’s Eddie’s turn in the hot seat and he’s all smiles as he walks out to learn that he was NOT voted into the Top 10. Katy is visibly upset, but Eddie is eager to sing “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon to save himself. Eddie’s voice is just okay and I never feel connected to anything he’s doing. I know Katy seems to love him, but if I were the judges I’d drop him. Luke says they’ve loved his personality since day one, but vocally he hasn’t been great the last two nights. Katy tries to defend him by saying this isn’t a “singing” competition it’s an “Idol” competition. I still think singing should matter more than anything. Lionel says to celebrate his place in the Top 14 which basically means he’s not going any further.

9:30 p.m. – Ashley felt good about her performance last night, but America did not. She’ll have to fight her way into the Top 10 with “Sir Duke” by Stevie Wonder. This is a surprising choice to me, but as a piano player I shouldn’t be surprised she likes Stevie. Unfortunately, she’s not playing the piano and her voice is all over the place. Yikes! That was a mess. Someone must have spiked the judges’ drinks because they are way too excited about this. Luke says it was her most comfortable performance, Katy called it her best and Lionel thought it was great. I disagree.

9:35 p.m. – Hardy the Heartthrob has been voted through and Laine the Bayou Boy is in the Top 10! He’s reprising his performance of “Hurricane” by The Band of Heathens. After a slew of sub-par performances, I’m relieved to see Laine come out swinging. This is a fantastic song that allows Laine to show off both his voice and personality. He could stand to loosen up a little bit, but after the last three performances, this is refreshing.

9:40 p.m. – Alejandro vs. Uche’! One will go straight into the Top 10 and the other will have to hope the judges saves him. Who will it be? Alejandro is in the Top 10! He’s celebrating with his original song “Cholo Love.” Sitting at the piano, Alejandro is showing a jazzy side to himself and I feel like I’ve been transported into a hotel lobby until some more instruments come in. Not my favorite vocal, but the guy is a musical genius! That was a display on the keys.

9:50 p.m. – Uche’ is up last hoping to impress the judges and his jacket being bedazzled to the nines will certainly help. He hopes to prove he can close a show by singing “Diamonds” by Rihanna. The drama! I respect Uche’s flare, but he’s an artist who would benefit from a lot more production going on around him. He’s definitely a showman and I think he has too much personality for the judges to cut at this point. When he sings you know he wants it bad and that goes a long way, even if it’s not the best vocal. Uche’ is visibly upset that the voting public didn’t respond to him, but Luke praises the electricity Uche’ delivers. Katy is a big fan and says he’s learning the art of entertaining. Lionel goes up on stage to console Uche’ personally and reminds people this is the entertainment business, not the singing business. Lionel has saved Uche’! Katy can’t believe what just happened. After the commercial, Katy and Luke will make their saves.

9:59 p.m. – Two spots remain in the Top 10. It’s hard not to notice that only two of the eight finalists at this point are females. Will Luke and Katy try to even things by choosing two more women? Bobby Bones would put Dimitrius and Riley through if it were up to him, but it’s not! Luke admits he has changed his mind three times tonight, but decides to save Dimitrius! Finally, Katy rounds out the Top 10 with Alyssa! That’s a wrap for tonight! Ashley, Eddie, Evelyn and Riley have been eliminated.

Top 10: Alejandro Aranda, Laci Kaye Booth, Walker Burroughs, Wade Cota, Dimitrius Graham, Laine Hardy, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, Alyssa Raghu, Uche’, Madison VanDenburg

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