‘American Idol’ video recap: Fans ‘outraged’ by Walker Burroughs’ elimination, so who will judges save now? [WATCH]

“There was a lot of outrage over Walker being sent home,” says Gold Derby contributor Denton Davidson when discussing the recent elimination of both Walker Burroughs and Alyssa Raghu on Season 17 of “American Idol.” “A lot of people thought Wade [Cota] should have been the one to go,” he continues. “People are saying the judges should have used their save on Walker.” Davidson joins senior editors Marcus James Dixon and Susan Wloszczyna to discuss the most recent eliminations, the recently revealed Top 6 and who the judges might save now.

“I think Wade thinks he should have gone home!” Wloszczyna jokes. “It was not a good night for dear Wade. I don’t think any of that [Queen] music really suited him. I don’t think Alyssa deserved to have him as a singing partner because [‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’] was not meant for his voice. It was like two people doing karaoke separately because they never meshed as a couple singing.” Dixon then responds, “Walker was so fun to watch and such a good singer, but he was never going to win the show. Maybe he should have lasted one more week, but I don’t think he was ever going to make the top four. Sorry, Walker fans!”

“Alyssa was going home no matter what, let’s be honest,” says Dixon. “But really, she had the most unfair disadvantage because she sang, she got critiqued, there was a commercial and then the vote was read.” Davidson responds by questioning if there is some method to this voting madness and asks, “Do you think by putting Alyssa and Wade as the last two performers, they were sort of penalizing them for the week before? Is that their way of saying, ‘You two were in the bottom last week so you get this disadvantage’?”

Wloszczyna is missing Simon Cowell as a judge and believes Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie go too easy on the contestants. “Wade forgot the lyrics and they just blew that off,” she says. “I’m sorry, you have one thing to do. Remember the lyrics! I’m sure it’s a lot of pressure but that’s what you do when you’re a performer.” It wasn’t just Wade who got the soft treatment according to Wloszczyna. “Luke said to Alejandro [Aranda], ‘We know you sang off key, but we don’t care.’ It’s like, no! You should care!”

Dixon then asks who the judges would be willing to use their save on, considering they have two more weeks to use it. “If Alejandro is in the bottom next week, he’s being saved. One hundred percent,” says Dixon. Davidson believes the save will, in fact, be used next week. “I think the judges would honestly save anyone who’s in the bottom with Wade,” he predicts. One thing they all agree on is that Wade will be going home no matter what.

For the panel’s full thoughts on the Top 6 (Alejandro, Wade, Laci Kaye Booth, Laine Hardy, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon and Madison VanDenburg) the performances from Queen week and who is the latest front-runner to win it all, watch our lively discussion in the video above.

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