‘America’s Got Talent’ magician Nicholas Wallace speaks out about possessing Gabrielle Union: She had ‘no idea what happened’ [WATCH]

Soon after magician Nicholas Wallace performed during Tuesday’s audition episode of “America’s Got Talent,” he spoke backstage about possessing Gabrielle Union with his haunted doll. “I dabble in the strange and unusual,” he slyly announced about his act. In case you missed it, judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Julianne Hough and Gabrielle all gave the Ontario mentalist four “yes” votes following his scary performance, so he easily sailed through to the next round. Watch Nicholas’s video interview above, in which he reveals how much Gabrielle actually knew.

“I introduced some interesting objects I have from my collection: a supposed haunted rocking chair and doll,” Nicholas reminded viewers. “I got Gabrielle to sit in the rocking chair and strangeness followed. The cool thing is Gabrielle has no idea what happened because she was wearing a blindfold the whole time, but she apparently felt things and moved when I touched and moved the doll. At the end I said I didn’t want Gabrielle to know what happened just yet because I think it’s fun having someone be on stage for four minutes and have no idea what happened. It’s always nice scaring nice, innocent people.”

Nicholas admitted he was “just the right amount of nervous” when he went out on stage for the first time. “It was like 80% excitement and 20% nervous. I think it went quite well. I was watching the judges and the audience and everyone seemed to be really into it and creeped out at the appropriate moments. I feel good.”

As for why he originally auditioned for “America’s Got Talent,” Nicholas explained, “I almost didn’t. I was very hesitant about doing this. But I thought about it, and you always regret the things you don’t do, so here I am.” If he’s lucky enough to win the $1 million prize, Nicholas declared that he will “buy a trampoline, maybe two. I always wanted a trampoline.”

In his “AGT” live blog, our recapper John Benutty wrote the following about the performance: “Nicholas Wallace‘s talent was to contact “the other side” through a connection he’s felt to it since he was a kid. In the audition he told a story about a haunted rocking chair that he had with him on stage and which he asked Gabrielle to take a seat in while blindfolded. He then picked up a doll from across the stage and while asking Gabrielle to make movements based on feeling, her movements matched perfectly the movements he was making with the doll as if it was a voodoo doll. The three judges that witnessed the act all gave him a YES, sending him through to the next round, and then had to explain to Gabrielle that she was ‘possessed by the doll.’ Oop!”

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