‘America’s Got Talent’ episode 4 recap: Were there any Golden Buzzer acts on June 18? [LIVE BLOG]

Each of the first three audition episodes of Season 14 of “America’s Got Talent” has concluded in the same way: one of the judges presses the Golden Buzzer and sends an act straight through to the live performances. On the premiere, new judge Gabrielle Union flipped for singer and pianist Kodi Lee. The two veteran men on the panel — Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell — did likewise in weeks 2 and 3. Howie went wild for rapper Joseph Allen while Simon softened for 11-year old violinist Tyler Butler-Figueroa.

Will one of the other two new additions to “AGT” — judge Julianne Hough and host Terry Crews — use their one-time chance to change someone’s life on the June 18 episode? Odds are they will as this is the fourth of the five episodes that showcases the best (and worst) auditions. An act must get a yes vote from at least three of the four judges to move on to the the next round. Conversely, if at least two judges buzz an act, it is immediately eliminated.

Below, read our “America’s Got Talent” Season 14, Episode 4 recap of the acts in the order in which they took to the stage on Tuesday’s episode:

8:02 p.m. – Tonight’s show kicked off with an audition from Melissa Arieth and her companion rat. Together they traversed a gauntlet of tricks including ramps, ropes, ladders, wheels, hoops… and even a journey across Melissa’s legs while in upside down splits. The judges were surprised by how much fun they had with the act, as did the audience who gave them a standing ovation, and so it wasn’t hard to get a YES from all four judges.

8:09 p.m. – Following a few other singers who didn’t quite make the cut, 12 year old Ansley Burns came to the stage for her rendition of Aretha Franklin‘s “Think.” Halfway into the song Simon stopped the performance because of what he called a “horrible backing track,” asking her to sing it a cappella instead. Though she was very nervous to go off-plan like that, she remained steady and with the audience clapping along to the beat with her she left her all on the stage and did it! Gabrielle was very impressed by her professionalism and Julianne thought that without the track she was able to own the song completely. Needless to say, the judges felt like she proved that she can do it and so they unanimously sent her through to the next round.

8:24 p.m. – Next up was Sos Petrosyan with what he called “kind of magic.” As it turns out, he is the son of season 11 alums Sos and Victoria, quick change artists. For his performance used a blank deck of cards, a normal deck, a mini deck, a red deck and a large deck interchangeably using illusion work to make the cards change, disappear and reappear from his hands. The judges found his audition to be a “full-blown spectacle,” impressed by his overall presentation. They each gave him a YES and so he’s on his way to repeating the success of his parents who made it all the way to the live shows.

8:34 p.m. – For 18 year old Marcin‘s audition he used his guitar to not only play music, but to do it in a way that recreates sounds not traditionally heard form the instrument. For instance, he also used it as a drum of sorts. His way of playing actually took a lot of coordination and musicality in order to make it sound even remotely pleasant and so the judges were quite taken by his talent. Simon was most effusive in his praise, but all the judges liked him and so it was a clear run of YES to send him through.

8:45 p.m. – Despite knowing that Simon does not like karaoke (at all!), Andy Rowell took the stage with his karaoke machine. As it turns out , Andy wasn’t actually going to sing–instead it was a bit of a comedy/spoof act because he chose the song “Tequila” that only has the word “tequila” uttered three times. In their critiques, Simon said “it was stupid [he] loved it” and Gabrielle said it was “so wrong it’s right.” Apparently they were taken enough by the act and wanted to see what song he’d choose next so it was a clean sweep of YES to send him through to the next round.

8:56 p.m. – Without introducing themselves, dance group Adem Show began their performance of body-bending contortionism and incredibly precise, gravity-defying choreography in order to earn a standing ovation from the judges. Julianne loved the articulation in their movement and how impactful and tight they were. Because they all thought they brought something new to the show that hasn’t been done before, it was a straight set of YES from all four judges.

9:06 p.m. – The next audition came from Voices of Service, a singing group dedicated to performing as music therapy for veterans and service personnel struggling with post-traumatic stress. Their singing focused on harmonizing and with just their voices they managed to sound like much more than only four members on stage. The judges thanked them for the work that they’re doing, but in terms of talent Simon said that he loved their vocal arrangements and so he joined the other three in serving them with a unanimously supported trip to the next round.

9:18 p.m. – Before Brandon‘s audition, we learned two things: Terry is a flute player and Simon hates the sound of flutes. That didn’t stop Brandon from showing his talent of the flute for the judges. But the instrument stopped after just a few bars when Brandon decided to strip down to just leather shorts and boots in order to continue with the flute to Ginuwine‘s “Pony.” Unfortunately the judges weren’t as excited for the performance as the audience was–they all hit their X–or Terry, who came back on stage to play the flute shirtless with Brandon.

9:28 p.m. – After that flop audition, Sonia Fitzpatrick was next to show off her skills as a pet psychic, but unfortunately she did not impress the judges with her work with Julianne’s dogs. She was followed by another dog act, Dominguez Poodles. For their act they performed tricks with their army of nine dogs. Most of the tricks were simple jumping moves, but there was a bit of hardstanding and car-pushing as well. The dog-loving judges were completely smitten by the act and Howie said it best–this is the kind of act America loves. So it was an easy YES for all of the judges to ask to see them in the next round.

9:42 p.m. – French vocal performing group Beryam followed a slate of other groups that didn’t make the cut with their beat boxing and sound creation performance. Though there was no singing involved, the group was great at hyping up the crowd and keeping them in rhythm with the music they created from their own mouths. Howie found the act exciting and unexpected and he even told them that he could see them going on to win the season. The judges didn’t hesitate to join his elation over the group and so they all said YES to seeing them again in the next round.

9:5o p.m. – The Detroit Youth Choir was the last act of the evening, taking the stage together in their large group. They began their performance with a beautiful harmonization of their voices, but then erupted into energetic dancing and rap verses by a handful of members. They kept their synchronicity throughout the performance and created an atmosphere unlike any other choir on the show has before. Naturally the judges and audience burst into deafening applause at the close. All four of the judges loved how fresh they were, but before any of them could cast their votes Terry came on stage in tears to explain how the choir is a representation of him and where he came from. His words touched the choir emotionally so when he climbed the dais, the entire room knew what was going to happen–the Golden Buzzer!!

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