‘America’s Got Talent’ Superfans controversy: 5 burning questions about top secret voters for ‘AGT: Champions’

While “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” was a massive hit in the ratings, some viewers are taking issue with the new top secret voting method. For the first time ever in “AGT” history, the power to vote has been stripped from at-home viewers and given entirely to 50 people known as Superfans. As host Terry Crews explained in the season premiere, “They come from all 50 states of America, representing you. Their votes will decide who’s going through.” Needless to say, we need more information, “AGT”! Below, see five burning questions that we have about the controversial Superfan voters. (Editor’s note: We reached out to NBC and got answers to some of these questions below — click here for details.)

1. Who are they?
It’s a simple question, and one that needs to be answered ASAP. The only thing we know about these 50 mystery voters is that one lives in each state. That’s it. Are they evenly split among women and men, old and young, black and white, etc.? By keeping their identities a secret, it’s only opening up the door to unnecessary conspiracy theories.

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2. How were they chosen?
Many people consider themselves prime fans of “America’s Got Talent” — they’ve seen every episode throughout its 13 seasons on the airwaves and they’ve bought records from the finalists. So what exactly was the criteria for joining this elite group? Were the Superfans chosen because they have huge online presences? Or were they hand-picked for some other reason? Read NBC’s answer.

3. Where did they watch the performances?
Last week’s season premiere did not air live, it was pre-taped a while ago, so the mystery voters could not have been at home watching the performances on NBC from their couches. So did they watch the performances live in the studio, or did they watch remotely? Read NBC’s answer.

4. How did they vote?
How did the Superfans send in their votes? Did they call? Did they text? Did they vote online on a private website set up just for them? Also, did they rank the contenders from best to worst, or just pick a single favorite? Read NBC’s answer.

5. Did they sign NDAs?
It’s been a week and so far no one has come forward to confess that they are a Superfan. Does that mean they all had to sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) to keep their identities a secret? Lastly, do the Superfans know the identities of each other and, if so, are they allowed to discuss their votes?

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