Dear ‘America’s Got Talent,’ please get rid of the Superfan voting system! Viewers are ‘totally bummed’

That sound you hear is millions of “America’s Got Talent” fans smashing their hands through their TV screens. After 13 seasons of being able to vote for their favorite acts, viewers learned during Monday’s season premiere of spinoff series “America’s Got Talent: The Champions” that there’s a brand new voting system in place known as the Superfan vote. Delegates from all 50 states are in charge of casting their votes for who they want to advance (and later, who they want to win), which means everyday viewers have no power. And they’re not happy about it.

“Totally bummed we can’t vote,” says Debi, just one of the viewers who took to our comments section to express backlash over the Superfan voting system. “I don’t think 50 delegates represents all 50 states. Frustrating.”

Jen Webb writes, “Well this sucks. 50 people for the whole country? What are you guys thinking. What a lame way to change up your show.”

Califgurl69 notes, “No I don’t agree with only 50 super fans voting. Let all of America have a chance to participate and join the fun!”

Pat Riley wonders, “Don’t like this mystery person picking for me. Who are they? What are their likes and dislikes? It’s only been one episode and my favorite didn’t make it.”

Perhaps if producers were more transparent about who, exactly, the 50 mystery people are, viewers wouldn’t be so irate. Instead, this is how they were explained by host Terry Crews during the season premiere of “AGT: Champions”: “One of these acts is going into the Finals. It all hangs on our panel of Superfans who voted. They come from all 50 states of America, representing you. Their votes will decide who’s going through.”

Since singer Susan Boyle was given the Golden Buzzer by judge Mel B, that meant the Superfans had to pick one of the remaining nine acts to join her in the Finals. The Superfans narrowed down their choices to comedian Preacher Lawson, singer Bianca Ryan and contortionist Sofie Dossi. After Sofie was eliminated in third place, Terry explained that Preacher had the support of women 18-34 while Bianca was the favorite of those in western states. The winner of the first-ever Superfan vote was Preacher.

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