‘The Voice’ Instant Save curse rears its ugly head yet again as Andrew Sevener is eliminated in 4th place

It’s official: There’s a curse on “The VoiceInstant Save.

Ever since this twist was created back in Season 6, no artist that’s been saved by Twitter or brought back via a wild card has ever gone on to win the show. Even more troubling, all of the Instant Save recipients have placed last in their respective finales aside from Britton Buchanan, who defied the odds to place second to Brynn Cartelli in Season 14. This year Andrew Sevener of Team Blake Shelton tried his hardest to break the curse but he, too, ended up placing last in Tuesday’s season finale.

Just prior to Andrew being eliminated, this backwards-cowboy-hat-wearing country singer from Alvarado, Texas expressed his deepest thanks to his hands-on coach. “Man, Blake, it’s been an honor to be able to work with you day after day, get to know you, get to learn from you,” Andrew announced. “You are truly an amazing coach, an amazing musician, and on top of that even a better human being. So thank you so much.”

Andrew faced off against two fellow country singers from Team Blake in the two-hour finale: Gyth Rigdon, who ended up placing second, and Dexter Roberts, who finished in third. All three of them were bested by Maelyn Jarmon of Team John Legend, whose angelic voice helped her soar to the top. Maelyn now becomes the 16th winner of “The Voice,” and the first artist to represent new coach John’s team.

Below, see an updated look back at how all of the previous Instant Save/wild card recipients faced in their season finales. Will this “The Voice” curse ever be broken?

Season 6: Christina Grimmie (Team Adam Levine) finished in third place behind Josh Kaufman (Team Usher) and Jake Worthington (Team Blake).

Season 7: Damien Lawson (Team Adam) finished in fourth place behind Craig Wayne Boyd (Team Blake), Matt McAndrew (Team Adam) and Chris Jamison (Team Adam)

Season 8: Koryn Hawthorne (Team Pharrell Williams) finished in fourth place behind Sawyer Fredericks (Team Pharrell), Meghan Linsey (Team Blake) and Joshua Davis (Team Adam).

Season 9: Jeffery Austin (Team Gwen Stefani) finished in fourth place behind Jordan Smith (Team Adam), Emily Ann Roberts (Team Blake) and Barrett Baber (Team Blake).

Season 10: Laith Al-Saadi (Team Adam) finished in fourth place behind Alisan Porter (Team Christina Aguilera), Adam Wakefield (Team Blake) and Hannah Huston (Team Pharrell).

Season 11: Josh Gallagher (Team Adam) finished in fourth place behind Sundance Head (Team Blake), Billy Gilman (Team Adam) and We’ McDonald (Team Alicia).

Season 12: Jesse Larson (Team Adam) finished in fourth place behind Chris Blue (Team Alicia), Lauren Duski (Team Blake) and Aliyah Moulden (Team Blake).

Season 13: Red Marlow (Team Blake) finished in fourth place behind Chloe Kohanski (Team Blake), Addison Agen (Team Adam) and Brooke Simpson (Team Miley Cyrus).

Season 14: Britton Buchanan (Team Alicia) was the runner-up to Brynn Cartelli (Team Kelly Clarkson); third and fourth place were Kyla Jade (Team Blake) and Spensha Baker (Team Blake).

Season 15: Kennedy Holmes (Team Jennifer Hudson) finished in fourth place behind Chevel Shepherd (Team Kelly), Chris Kroeze (Team Blake) and Kirk Jay (Team Blake).

Season 16: Andrew Sevener (Team Blake) finished in fourth place behind Maelyn Jarmon (Team Legend), Gyth Rigdon (Team Blake) and Dexter Roberts (Team Blake).

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