Anthony Ryan moves up in our ‘Project Runway All Stars’ winner predictions, while undefeated Dmitry dips

Last week on “Project Runway All Stars” Anthony Ryan Auld became the first contestant of the season to win two design challenges. He has sure come a long way since almost being eliminated in the season premiere. As a result of that windfall he has moved up in our predictions for who will win the season, while former front-runner Dmitry Sholokhov dips. But even with his sudden ascent, Auld isn’t our front-runner to win the competition. That’s still Irina Shabayeva.

Shabayeva has been hit-and-miss this season, but when she’s on she’s on fire. She won the “Buckle Up!” unconventional materials challenge, and she was the runner-up in three other challengers. That’s more high scores than any other contestant this season so far. But she has also gotten two low scores. She was in the bottom two for her tacky graduation dress in “Top of the Class” in week two, so she was lucky just to survive that first elimination of the season. And she got another low score last week in the avant garde “Pure Imagination” challenge. Nevertheless, she’s still our favorite to win with leading odds of 11/5 based on the combined predictions of Gold Derby users.

But watch out for Auld. Though he got off on the wrong foot in the season premiere (he was in the bottom two, but luckily for him no one was sent home), he has been rock-solid ever since. He won “Top of the Class” and “Pure Imagination,” and he was the runner-up in “On the Prowl.” That was enough to move him up into second place in our forecasts with odds of 59/20 as of this writing.

Unlike Shabayeva and Auld, Sholokhov still has a perfect “Runway” record. Not only has he never lost a season he has competed in (this is his third), he also hasn’t gotten a single low score this season so far. He has gotten three high scores this season so far, including a victory in week one when he drew inspiration from his Belarusian heritage. Despite that, he has dipped slightly to third place in our predictions with 7/1 odds. Given his consistency with the judges, might we be putting too much stock in Auld’s two challenge wins and Shabayeva’s high scores?

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