‘Survivor’ Season 38 premieres on Wednesday — why I am putting my money on returning nerd Aubry Bracco to finally win

Survivor: Edge of Extinction,” which features a twist that will allow voted-out contestants to find a path to get back into the game, also is notable for inviting four veteran players who came close to winning in previous seasons to try their luck again.

The premiere, which airs Wednesday on CBS at 8 p.m. ET/PT, will feature the familiar faces of Kelley Wentworth, challenge master Joe Anglim, David Wright and Aubry Bracco (seen above) back on the beach. Gold Derby odds already place Kelley and Joe at No. 1 and 2 as the players likeliest to go all the way. Meanwhile, Aubry and David sit at No. 6 and 7. I think those who think that the returnees won’t immediately have targets on their back when the other 14 castaways check them out are being a bit optimistic.

But I would not discount Aubry outright, however. She is one of among  the strongest players who never earned the title of “Sole Survivor,” as the runner-up on Season 32 “Kaoh Rang.” She also got to Day 37 on Season 34 “Game Changers.” She might be petite but she is a ninja when it comes to strategy and game play.

Also, remember how fellow nerd Christian Hubicki‘ssurvivability was so underestimated last year on Season 37: “David vs. Goliath.” But Aubry probably possesses a raging hunger to win after coming so close twice. She also is on the Kama tribe with Joe — they would make an amazing alliance, brains and physical skill  — while David is on Manu tribe with Kelley.

But just as host Jeff Probst can be expected to wear a blue safari shirt on camera, we can be pretty sure that the usual surprises and left turns in the game will happen even after 38 seasons, especially with the addition of Extinction Island.

Click through our photo gallery below that highlights the 16 greatest “Survivor” nerds of all time, of which Aubry is of course a member.

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