Counterpunch to ‘Avengers: Endgame’ – Should ‘Avatar’ be re-released? [VOTE IN POLL]

After a huge startAvengers: Endgame” has fallen just short of the “Avatar” global box office record, but “Avengers” could get a second wind when it’s re-released with special features on Friday, June 28. Will that be enough to bridge the gap and take down “Avatar”? And if so, should “Avatar” get its own big-screen re-release to try to take its record back? Vote in our poll at the bottom off this post to let us know what you think.

As I’m writing this on Sunday, June 23, “Endgame” has made $2.749 billion worldwide. That’s just $39 million shy of “Avatar’s” record of $2.788 billion. By the time you read this that deficit might be even smaller. So re-opening with another marketing push and post-credits scenes in advance of “Spider-Man: Far from Home’s” release on July 2 could nudge the Marvel blockbuster just over the line.

But here’s the thing: “Avatar” has some sequels coming out too. “Avatar 2” will open in December 2021, followed by “Avatar 3” (December 2023), “Avatar 4” (December 2025) and “Avatar 5” (December 2027). By the time the first sequel opens it will have been 12 years since the original film, so fans may be interested in seeing it again on the big screen to prepare for its followup. That could give the film its own global box office bump to give “Endgame” a run for its money — literally.

Walt Disney owns Marvel Studios, and now it also owns 20th Century Fox, which released “Avatar,” so the question of box office bragging rights is somewhat academic since it’ll be the same company that gets to brag. But do you think “Avatar” should get a chance to reclaim its box office crown is “Avengers” manages to eke out a win on the global stage? Let us know below.

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