Aydin Eyikan deserved better from ‘World of Dance’ judges during the Duels for this ‘beautiful’ performance [WATCH]

Aydin Eyikan took a risk on “World of Dance.” Because he scored so well during the Qualifiers, the teenage contemporary dancer had his pick of opponents during the Duels, and he picked another contemporary dance act, the quartet Moving 4ward. Both delivered outstanding performances that improved on their Qualifiers routines, but while Moving 4ward got big scores (deservedly so), Eyikan was scored much more reservedly. I think he deserved better. Watch his performance above to see if you agree with me, and check out what the judges had to say about his performance below.

Jennifer Lopez: “Amazing performance for you. It had so much attack and so much fire. It was burning from inside your soul all over that stage. The different things that you do, leaping towards us with your face and me thinking you’re going to hit the floor and then you do a flip — all of those things that had me nervous but also made it so exciting and compelling to watch you … That was a very strong, very passionate performance. I really felt your fight in this.”

Derek Hough: “So beautiful. That opening, and then that walkover with the 360 — fantastic. Really, really well done.”

Ne-Yo: “You dance like somebody that’s been dancing for 35 years. It’s crazy how technically sound you are. Who you remind me of slightly is Michael Dameski. But see, here’s the thing: it’s a compliment, but at the same time it’s a point for you to work towards because, for example, when he dove he floated. Your final flip at the end was a little heavy. We just need to work on getting a little more height on those jumps, a little more elevation, a little more float so that I can’t see your effort, but quality work.”

Moving 4ward ended up with a judges’ average of 93.0. Good numbers for an outstanding performance, but Eyikan only got 90.3, which sounds respectable until you realize that nobody scored lower than 90.0 during the Junior Division Duels. Lopez even lowballed him with an 89. His average score was low enough that he didn’t even get a chance to perform in the redemption round for the last wild card spot in the next round. A lot of contemporary solo dancers haven’t been able to catch a break this season. Do you think Eyikan really gave the best performance of the night, regardless of what the judges said? Vote in our poll below to let us know.

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