Will ‘Barry’ supporting stars Anthony Carrigan, Stephen Root and Sarah Goldberg share the Emmy spotlight?

Barry” had a great first season at the Emmys. In 2018 it earned 13 nominations and 3 wins, including Best Comedy Actor (Bill Hader) and Best Comedy Supporting Actor (Henry Winkler). But Winkler was the only supporting star who was even nominated. Will his co-stars Anthony Carrigan, Stephen Root and Sarah Goldberg get to share the spotlight in season two? It’s actually quite common for a show to blow up in the supporting categories after first-year snubs.

Even some of the Emmys’ favorite shows didn’t sweep the supporting categories right away. “Sex and the City” scene-stealer Kim Cattrall had to wait until season two for her first nomination, while Cynthia Nixon had to wait until season four and Kristin Davis didn’t get hers until the sixth and final year. “The Office” didn’t get any supporting nominations until its third season in 2007, the year after it won Best Comedy Series. “30 Rock” won Best Comedy Series for its first three years in a row (2007-2009), but didn’t get its first supporting noms until year three. “Veep” had to wait until season two, as did “Atlanta.” So the question is, will “Barry” be the kind of show that grows as it goes along?

As of this writing three of the Expert journalists we’ve polled say Goldberg will be nominated for Best Comedy Supporting Actress as Sally Reed, the love interest for the title hit man-turned-actor: Eric Deggans (NPR), Peter Travers (Rolling Stone) and Glenn Whipp (LA Times). She’s also predicted for a nomination by three of our Top 24 Users who got the highest scores predicting last year’s nominations.

Meanwhile, our Experts are unanimous that defending champ Winkler will get another nomination for Best Comedy Supporting Actor, and five think he’ll win again: Debbie Day (Rotten Tomatoes), Ed Martin (Media Village), Mary Murphy (Gold Derby), Tom O’Neil (Gold Derby) and Lynette Rice (Entertainment Weekly).

Three Experts think Winkler will be joined in the category by Root for playing Monroe Fuches, who groomed Barry for his life of crime: Jen Chaney (Vulture), Joyce Eng (Gold Derby) and Kaitlin Thomas (TVGuide.com). Root is a respected veteran with TV credits including “NewsRadio,” “The West Wing” and “King of the Hill,” so it’s pretty surprising that he has never received an Emmy nomination yet in his career. Just like Winkler last year, perhaps he’ll even win for being so overdue.

Three Experts are also predicting a Comedy Supporting Actor bid for Carrigan as NoHo Hank, a nice-guy gangster who becomes the leader of the Chechen mafia: Deggans, Ben Travers (IndieWire) and Whipp. Interestingly, while several Experts are predicting multiple “Barry” nominees this year in this category, none of them are predicting all three will get in. Three say it’ll be Winkler and Root, and another three say it’ll be Winkler and Carrigan.

Which “Barry” supporting stars (if any) do you think will make it in this year? Will Winkler win back-to-back?

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