Best Animated Short cheat sheet: All 10 competitors with full details to help you predict 2020 Oscars

If predicting the winners of the short film categories at the Oscars is difficult, then predicting which five will get nominated is darn near impossible. Do not worry, Derbyites! We are here to help you now that we have seen which shorts have made the Oscar shortlist for those categories. In order to help you better make your nomination picks in our predictions center, we’re giving you all the details about the 10 finalists for Best Animated Short Film. This cheat sheet can help assist you in predicting which five contenders will score nominations at the 2020 Oscars.

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“Dcera (Daughter)” – The relationship between a father and daughter is threatened by issues that are not discussed and wounds that take a lot of time to alleviate.

“Hair Love” – An African-American father encounters the ultimate challenge when he attempts to style his daughter’s hair for the first time.

“He Can’t Live Without Cosmos” – In the follow up to his 2016 Oscar nominated short, “We Can’t Live Without Cosmos,” Konstantin Bronzit tells the story of a mother and son that is also about love and destiny.

“Hors Piste” – The two best rescue workers set off to rescue a stranded skier, but the situation soon goes very wrong for the two protectors.

“Kitbull” – A passionately independent stray kitten meets a pitbull and an unlikely relationship blossoms between the two as they both get to experience friendship for the first time in their lives.

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“Mémorable” – Louis, a painter, is sinking deeper and deeper into dementia to the point where everything in his life, including his wife, is losing their realism.

“Mind My Mind” – A young man living with autism, who relies on social scripts to make it through the world, has his world turned upside-down when he meets and falls for a woman, and is forced to venture into unknown areas.

“The Physics of Sorrow” – A man sifts through the memories of his life, from his childhood in communist Bulgaria to his current adulthood in Canada as he struggles to find meaning and direction in his life.

“Sister” – A man recalls his memories of growing up with his annoying little sister in China during the 1990’s and finds himself wondering what his life would have been like if things had happened in a different way.

“Uncle Thomas: Accounting for the DaysRegina Pessoa made this short as a tribute to her uncle to show that people don’t have to have monumental achievements in order to make a difference in our lives.

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Even though this category doesn’t have a specific type that usually gets nominated or wins, the people voting on this category do like shorts that involve animals in some way.

In fact, from 2013-2016, all four winners had an animal that was central to the shorts’ plot: “Mr. Hublot” (2013, a dog), “Feast” (2014, a dog), “Bear Story” (2015, bears) and “Piper” (2016, sandpiper). Only one of this year’s shortlisted pieces fits that mold: “Kitbull.”

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