Bianca Ryan (‘America’s Got Talent: The Champions’ interview): I was worried Simon Cowell wouldn’t ‘like my new voice’ [WATCH]

After winning the first-ever season of “America’s Got Talent” in 2006 at age 11, Bianca Ryan faced a lot of pressure when she was asked back to compete in spinoff series “AGT: Champions.” In her NBC exit interview (watch above), Bianca confesses, “Coming back now at 24 after having two vocal surgeries and a stomach surgery and going through so much with my voice, I just wasn’t sure if [Simon Cowell] was gonna like my new voice or my voice after surgery and think that I was still as good.” Luckily for her, Simon approved.

“Bianca, that was what we call a moment,” Simon raved after her performance in the season premiere of A Great Big World‘s “Say Something.” Despite the accolades from all four judges, Bianca was eliminated the first night. Instead, “Britain’s Got Talent” singer Susan Boyle and “AGT” comedian Preacher Lawson were the only two of 10 acts to make it into the Finals.

As for what she’s been up to these past 13 years, Bianca explains, “After I won ‘America’s Got Talent’ I was touring a lot, I recorded a CD, I started writing music, I was traveling a lot. It was just the coolest experience ever.” But her paralyzed vocal cords put a temporary halt on her musical journey. That’s why it was so rewarding for her to return to “America’s Got Talent: The Champions.”

Bianca says, “It’s a long time since I’ve done national television like this. It’s just been a crazy journey and I didn’t even think I would ever be back here. I’m just so incredibly thankful and grateful and excited to be able to be on the ‘Champions’ stage doing something as an adult that changed my life forever as a child that just molded me.”

Even though she was eliminated, Bianca took to Twitter to express her feelings to her fans. “The feedback is so incredible,” she wrote. “I can’t thank you guys enough!” Bianca’s cover of “Say Anything” is now available on Spotify. Click here to find out the next 10 acts performing on “AGT: Champions.”

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