You really hope ‘Big Brother 21’ is the long overdue All-Stars 2

Expected the… old faces? Fans went into a tizzy last week when Julie Chen Moonvessartorial choices possibly hinted at an all-stars installment on “Big Brother 21” this summer, and 52 percent of our readers are totally on board with that prospect.

“Big Brother” hasn’t done an all-stars season since its first and only one in Season 7 in 2006, so you can definitely say it’s overdue for another. It’s brought back a couple alums here and there for a bunch of seasons, but it hasn’t had an all-out case of returning houseguests since then. And honestly, if a second one hasn’t happened by now, it might never happen again. Most of the iconic players have moved on or are not interested in revisiting reality TV again. The sweet spot for a second one would’ve been circa Season 14.

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There have been a handful of veterans in the past few seasons, which irked some fans that TPTB made a deliberate choice to cast just newbies on Season 20 last year when many thought they might use the landmark season to do another round of all-stars. “Our goal is to build the ‘all-stars’ for the next 10 years,” executive producer Allison Grodner told The Hollywood Reporter. So unless they have a change of heart or are just lying, it won’t happen this year.

Meanwhile, 26 percent of our readers say it would depend on the cast in a potential all-seasons season, while 22 percent want brand new faces.

The cast will be revealed next month. And if you go by casting director Robyn Kass‘ tweets, it will likely be newbies or at most, newbies with vets. Earlier this month, she shared that the casting pool had been whittled down to the semifinalists.

This doesn’t guarantee anything, of course, but if you don’t want an all-stars season, it’s something to hang onto.

“Big Brother 21” premieres with a two-night event on Tuesday, June 25 and Wednesday, June 26 at 8/7c on CBS.

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