Move over, technotronics! Analyse bombing on ‘Julie’ is the worst ‘Big Brother’ spelling disaster

In the pantheon of “Big Brother” spelling fails, “technotronics” (or to be technical, “techtronics”) has long reigned supreme, but it has sadly now been dethroned by quite possibly the most pathetic spelling flop ever: Analyse Talavera‘s dire attempts to spell “Julie.”

On Sunday’s episode of “Big Brother 21,” Analyse participated in the third and final Whacktivity Comp for the Panic Power. The task was to decode a message from a board covered with cockroaches: “Don’t meet Julie on eviction night.” Frankly, we should’ve seen this coming when The Artist Known as Sis groaned, “I hope that’s how you spell ‘night.'” You know, there are just some things you should never say out loud and doubting how to spell “night” — a word that 5-year-olds can spell and is used multiple times a day — is one of them. Keep in mind that she wasn’t even writing these words; she was picking letters, some of them full words, off a board and “night” was a full piece.

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The final piece of her puzzle was “Julie” — depicted by a diamond jewel and a plus sign with “ee” at the end. Analyse figured out it was “Julie,” and then came comedy hour. First, she spelled out “Juily.” Then she goes for “Juilyee.” And then “Juliee.”

Listen, there are lots of, uh, unique names out there with weird spellings (ahem, Analyse), but “Julie” is one of the most common names in the world, and Julie Chen Moonves spells it the usual way, just like tons of famous Julies (Andrews, the movie “Julie & Julia”). Just… how do you eff this up at all? And not once but three times — that were shown. Lord knows how many tries she actually took. But honestly, thank you, “Big Brother,” for exposing the incompetence.

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At least when Jeff Schroeder attempted “technotronics” on Season 11 he thought it was a word (in his defense, Technotronic is a band), which makes it more hilarious than sad that he came up with “techtronics” before time ran out. Being unsure how to to spell “night” and then flaming out on “Julie” ought to be grounds for eviction.

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