‘Big Brother 21’s’ Analyse blames Nick for her eviction, explains why she couldn’t spell Julie

The universe was not on Analyse Talavera’s side this week. All signs were pointing to a Christie Murphy eviction on “Big Brother 21” after her nemesis Jackson Michie won HOH and Veto. Analyse was merely on the block to take a vote away from Christie. Easy peasy.

But then Christie manifested a miracle. Setting her sights on Nick Maccarone, she called him out for playing and being protected from all sides during their Taco Tuesday blowup and then made a deal with Jackson and Holly Allen, promising she’d go after Nick and not them if she stays. And by the end, Nick was the only one who evicted Christie in a 5-1 vote.

Event hough Nick was the only one who voted to keep her, Analyse believes her demise was his fault. Find out why in our exit interview, via email, below — and why she struggled so hard spelling Julie.

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Gold Derby: You got word of a possible vote-flip Wednesday night and you told Jackson that he wants to keep Christie because she’s targeting Nick. Why didn’t you tell him you would target Nick too even if you don’t really plan to? 
Analyse: I did tell him that [but] I guess he just didn’t believe me. It probably didn’t help that I was still talking to Nick after the blowup instead of being mad at him for basically putting a target on me.

Gold Derby: After you got confirmation of the flip on Thursday, did you do any last-minute campaigning to flip it back? Why or why not? 
Analyse: I did not because there was nothing I could think of to say to make people change their mind. I could say I was going after Nick, but I had already told them that and clearly no one believed me. And everyone promised to vote for whoever Jackson wanted to go. And it didn’t help my case that I had just blown up on him.

Gold Derby: Did you ever consider making a deal with Jackson and promising him safety or were you confident the vote wouldn’t change? 
Analyse: After the blowup, I really did not feel safe at all. I did tell Jackson that I wasn’t coming after him and that he could trust me. I never thought of making a deal because twice that week Jackson had told me how he wanted to work with me and Tommy [Bracco], so I never felt like I had to offer him up a deal. I had never backstabbed him to make him feel like he couldn’t trust me.

Gold Derby: What’s your biggest regret this week? 
Analyse: My biggest regret this week was not fighting harder in my campaigns. I didn’t really know what to say to people because the topic of discussion was about Nick the whole time. I didn’t know how to get out of it other than to tell people I was gonna go after him, but no one believed me.

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Gold Derby: What were you thinking during the Taco Tuesday fight? 
Analyse: I was really trying not to laugh too hard. Haha. But I knew that I was going to be in trouble because it had painted out Nick to be such a huge target and I had a really good relationship with him and that didn’t make me look good. Especially after Nick said he made a promise to keep me safe. Yes, that was nice, but I have never made any promises back to him.

Gold Derby: Do you think Nick indirectly got you evicted because so much of the fight was about how close he is with you (and Tommy and Nicole [Anthony]) and he had said he would’ve saved you with the Veto? 
Analyse: Yes, I think Nick indirectly got me evicted. If he had stopped going around and preaching how he made promises to three people in the house to always keep us safe, I would never have even been considered to go home.

Gold Derby: Which players do you think are playing the best game thus far and why? 
Analyse: I think Nick and Tommy are playing great games. They both have really good relationships with people in the house and they both are really tough competitors. Nick had an army protecting him while he got to lay low. And Tommy has really good connections with people.

Gold Derby: Why couldn’t you spell Julie?
Analyse: I couldn’t spell Julie because the picture showed a diamond plus “EE,” so I thought I was supposed to put two Es after Julie. And I’m really not a good speller either.

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