‘Big Brother 21’s’ Bella cannot believe Nick’s flippant ‘tude as he continues to canoodle with Analyse

As Christie Murphy knows, the universe works in mysterious ways. Hours after Isabella Wang called out her “Big Brother 21” boyfriend Nick Maccarone for his gross behavior inside the house, which includes snuggling with Analyse Talavera, on Tuesday, he dismissed any concerns for his ostensible girlfriend’s feelings, much to Bella’s dismay.

On Tuesday night, Analyse asked the super touchy-feely Nick to tickle her leg. Christie warned that if she were Bella, she wouldn’t like it and asked Nick if he thinks Bella would be upset. His answer: a glib “probably.” Bella retweeted the exchange, highlighting Nick’s obliviously dense response.

Nick and Christie’s convo continued, with him insisting that Bella “knows,” so him tickling Analyse is “not that deep.” He admitted that Bella got mad once when she was in the house, but he again brushed it off because “it shouldn’t matter because we’re all friends.” Christie pointed out that he’s disrespecting Bella, who has trust issues from previous relationships. Bella retweeted it with an apt exploding head emoji.

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None of this dissuaded Nick from cuddling up next to Analyse for the second night in a row, but that’s probably expected since he was already doing this while having an official girlfriend. “It takes two… this makes me sick,” Bella tweeted about the pair’s mutual late-night canoodling. “This is incredibly hard to watch.”

After taking out her rage on a run Wednesday morning, Bella appeared to be ready to move on. Responding to a fan suggesting that she bring a date to the finale, she cracked, “Haha who wants to be my date.” She quickly followed it up with “Brb, trying to figure it all out and grow from this.”

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Bella tweeted on Tuesday that she was open to having a conversation with Nick after the show and go from there, later clarifying that “listening is NOT the same as forgiveness” (she also said she regrets not listening to Nicole Anthony), but if he keeps this up — and after these warnings from Christie, there’s no indication that he won’t cut it out — you can bet Bella will officially dump him sooner rather than later.

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