Jessica thinks Nicole was a mole on ‘Big Brother 21,’ which is pathetically hilarious

If you thought being out of the “Big Brother 21” house would give Jessica Milagros some clarity and grasp of the game, you are dead wrong. Girl still hasn’t been able to buy a clue yet, and you can look no further than her off-the-reservation belief that Nicole Anthony was a mole.

Yup, you read that correctly. Jess answered a series of fan questions from the jury house on Twitter on Wednesday; among them was one asking what she would’ve done differently in the game.

“Now looking back at this, I really wish that we could’ve gotten rid of Nicole,” Jess answered. “And I know that’s weird because she was part of my alliance, but I feel in my gut that she was a mole and I never really trusted it. So I think that her out probably would’ve been the best decision for my game.”

We’ll pause for laughter.


Just… wow. Look, we all have the advantage of knowing everything that’s going on in the game that the houseguests don’t, but you can’t really give Jess the benefit of the doubt here since she’s proven time and time again — except her HOH week when she was somehow sharp as a tack — that she’s hopelessly clueless about the game and house dynamics. This is worse than Fessy Shafaat asking “Who flipped?” every week last year. Nicole, needless to say, was a not a mole, but Kathryn Dunn — Jess’ BFF in the house — was a mole, and she obviously is not on Jess’ radar.

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But the most revealing part of all is that she’s clearly been influenced by the jury already, based on this and some of her other answers.

Asked who she would’ve made an alliance with, Jess answered, “I would’ve picked Christie [Murphy], Jack [Matthews] and Kat to be in my alliance. And Sis [Talavera] too. I think all of them I feel really great with and I would’ve trusted them had they had a little bit more trust in me.”

Asked if she regrets booting Jack on her HOH, she said, “I don’t really regret not keeping Jack at that specific moment because he never asked me to keep him … but now, it’s something that would’ve made sense if we communicated a little more and he had asked me to work with him.”

Jess has always wanted to be part of the “cool kids,” which was partially why she was so pressed about being excluded from alliances (or Gr8ful/Six Shooters specifically), and she was the only one who genuinely believed Christie and never saw her manipulative ways. Now, in jury, she’s surrounded by all the “cool kids”; she’s finally in the club, drinking the “cool kids'” Kool-Aid.

This is funny for us, but it’s bad news for Nicole because this probably means Jess won’t vote for her in the final two.

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