‘Big Brother 21’s’ Kat says she and Nick were just friends in jury (really)

Kathryn Dunn is clearing the air about her jurymance with Nick Maccarone in the “Big Brother 21” jury house. Despite their flirty demeanor and some coy talking heads on the show, she says nothing happened between them.

There was “absolutely no hooking up happening,” Dunn told “Us Weekly.” The bond viewers saw on the show, she explains, was merely a friendship that blossomed as a result of being out of the game and getting to know one another in the jury house. If you recall, Dunn was not a fan of Maccarone and was basically pissed at everyone except Jessica Milagros the week she was evicted over her Cliff’s Angels ally Cliff Hogg III, who agreed to a final six deal, concocted by Maccarone, that did not include Milagros.

“If you watched the show, you know that he was not my favorite person in the house and especially during the week I got evicted, but looking back I see that I had a lot of preconceived opinions about his gameplay that I let affect my opinions on him as a person,” Dunn said. “The Nick I got to know in the jury house is an incredible person and friend.

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“He wiped my tears away when I was crying and calmed me down while I was stressed,” she continued. “Our relationship in the jury house wasn’t based on cheap sexual gratification — it was an actual, genuine friendship.”

Dunn added that she was conscious of Maccarone’s relationship with Isabella Wang, whom he told “I love you” and asked to be his girlfriend before she was evicted. A pre-juror, Wang went home after her eviction and got so fed up watching Maccarone’s touchy-feely behavior with other houseguests that she more or less dumped him on Twitter. Of course, neither Maccarone nor Dunn was aware of this until the season was over.

“I would not have disrespected Bella by kissing Nick or doing anything inappropriate on camera,” Dunn said. “But with that being said, keep in mind that Bella already broke up with Nick over Twitter while he was away in the house. I understand she was embarrassed that the idea of Nick having feelings for somebody else was publicly aired on the show, but she had clearly moved on before any sort of drama was revealed about us.”

Dunn and Maccarone are still friends outside of the house and nothing more. The therapist, who lives in New Jersey, will visit Dunn this weekend in Dallas and the two are attending the Cowboys game on Sunday. “I’m excited to see him again, especially now that everything is kind of slowing down from the show,” she said.

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