‘Big Brother 21’ spoiler: Christie’s insane paranoid meltdown is one for the ages

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. The Save Nicole blindside plan on “Big Brother” this week almost went off the rails on Monday thanks to Christie Murphy‘s flawless intuition <insert eye roll> rearing its head. Oh, don’t worry, the plan is still on track, but these people definitely like to take the longest way around to get there.

Everything was fine Monday morning until all of the sudden Christie got a message from the universe or intuited or whatever that Nick Maccarone was going to put her up as the renom after Kathryn Dunn saves Jessica Milagros with the Veto. This is, of course, not true. Nick had had his eyes set on Nicole Anthony as the renom since Friday after H8ful Gr8ful bashed and ostracized her. Plus, neither he nor Isabella Wang are savvy enough to realize they’re not as safe as they think they are within Gr8ful.

Anyway, if you wanna watch for yourself, rewind the feeds to around noon PT on Monday. Christie has a full-on meltdown for a an entire hour because Nick kept asking her questions that morning about how she slept, which obviously means he’s going to backdoor her. And then there’s that time Nick made a comment after Holly Allen cut out a heart from a cereal box. Incriminating proof! Seriously, she would not chill out. This was Vanessa-esque level of paranoia but without the strategic gameplay.

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To try to nip this nonexistent backdoor in the bud, Christie tried to convince Kat not to use the Veto so Nick won’t be able to name a renom. I guess this is when we remind everyone of Christie’s Panic Power, the Diamond Power of Veto, so if she really were that worried, she could just activate it to protect herself and get Kat to renom someone else. Kat listened to her craziness, but clearly wasn’t going to be swayed since she already told Jess she was saving her. Everyone tried to comfort and reassure Christie, who was legit sobbing, that she is not getting backdoored. This was an actual exchange:

Christie: I’m going up.

Analyse Talavera: No, you’re not.

Christie: [Nicole] is in a very good mood today. Kemi [Fakunle] is in on it.

Kat: Kemi needs to go.

Christie: I’m going up.

Analyse: No, you are not.

Christie: I heard multiple comments made today, directed at me, by Nick and Bella. I’m telling you I’m going up.

Kat: I don’t want you to go on the block.

Christie: I’m going on the block.

Rinse and repeat. It was exhausting watching it, so they all deserve a medal for actually living through it. Eventually, Christie and Nick talked shortly before the Veto ceremony about his sinister “plan.” He denied it, obviously, because he was always going to put Nicole up to get her out and was stunned Christie would even think he would backdoor her.

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“Are you actually serious? I’m hurt,” Nick said. “Tommy [Bracco] just said, ‘Christie thinks you are putting her up.'”

“Holly was cutting a heart. You looked me in the eyes,” Christie countered. “I read people. You also asked me if I slept well four times.” To which Nick explained that was because she had trouble sleeping the day before.

“Me and my hormones and my paranoia started thinking that was weird,” she pointedly said. “If you want to do it, I’m fine with it.”

“Christie, stop. Christie, holy sh–, stop. I would never put you up,” he reassured, grabbing her face in his hands and growing increasingly frustrated. Don’t blame him.

She did not stop, naturally. The Veto meeting happened, Nicole went up, and Christie continued to blabber away to anyone who would listen about her early afternoon paranoia. She is convinced he was going to put her up until she stopped him with their talk. Then for some reason she decided to tell Nick and Bella she won the Panic Power, but she totally lied about what it does (she said she could name a renom at a Veto meeting and it’s good until final six), which you’re not allowed to do. So after getting a talking-to in the Diary Room, she later had to explain its actual powers. Jackson Michie was very (and rightfully) pissed Christie told them.

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By the end of the night, nearly half the house knew about her power. That was partially prompted by Sam Smith, who told Christie, Jack and Tommy that Kemi told him that Jessica had a power to take herself off the block. So Christie quickly word-vomited that she won the final power, not Jess. And in a true pot/kettle moment, Christie railed about how Kemi shouldn’t be lying about a power. It turned out that wires got mixed in the game of telephone because Kemi merely told Sam she thought Jess had a power, and he took it to mean Kemi knew for sure Jess did.

Meanwhile, Sam is now also upset with his boy Nick because he told Nick he knew about Gr8ful (blaming it on Jack’s slip-up, not that Bella told him), and Nick immediately told Jack and Christie, who started grilling Sam. But Sam also believes that Christie and Jack aren’t as close as they appear. I’ve got news for you, Sam.

But through all this, the Six Shooters’ goal of saving Nicole and evicting Cliff Hogg III never changed. Christie even hinted to Nicole that she might be OK this week, telling her to remain calm because you never know what can happen. And her harebrained intuition was further “proof” that Nick and Bella cannot be trusted. “I’m so sketched out by [Bella and Nick]. It’s so hard for me to look at either of them,” Christie later told Jack. “Cliff has to go.” Jack: “And stay gone.”

So that was a whole journey and then some. Who needs a drink? But if no one blows this up and if Christie’s intuition doesn’t go on the fritz, we are indeed heading towards a blindside on Thursday that Nick and Bella truly have no idea is coming right now.

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