‘Big Brother 21’ spoiler: So that first backdoor plan? It’s already unraveling

That didn’t last long. A backdoor plan was in the works to target Kemi Faknule on “Big Brother 21,” but it might fall apart before the Veto ceremony.

Ironically, everything was going to plan on Thursday: Sam Smith won the Power of Veto, so he could take one of Cliff Hogg III or Kathryn Dunn off the block, and HOH Christie Murphy could put up Kemi, and they could all vote her out. Piece of cake, right?

Well, by Thursday night, some houseguests weren’t totally on board with it. Jessica Milagros and Nicole Anthony discussed how Kemi hasn’t really done anything to be backdoored, and that it would not be a good look if the first two people out of the house were a black guy, David Alexander, and a black girl.

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Christie is aware of this too and she soon has second thoughts, helped by the fact that Kat’s paranoia level is at like a 124. Sam is planning on using the Veto on Cliff, and despite everyone reassuring Kat that she’ll have the votes to stay, she’s still freaking out and telling people she thinks she’ll be blindsided. Chill out, woman.

“I just don’t know if I should leave them the same cause Kat is very emotional right now. She’s withdrawing from the house. I don’t want to change the nominees and then Kat bury herself into a hole and the whole house flips and then I have an enemy in Kemi,” Christie tells Holly Allen, Analyse Talavera, Jack Matthews and Ovi Kabir. “Kemi never did anything to me. She was dropping everyone’s names, and that sucks and that’s trouble, but she never did anything to me.”

“You’re right,” Ovi tells her. “It’s a choice you have got to make. It’s a tough one.”

Later, Christie tells Tommy Bracco that backdooring Kemi “doesn’t feel good” and she feels like she’s playing other people’s game, namely Jack and Jackson Michie‘s. Tommy does his best to convince her not to rock the boat because the majority of the house is cool with evicting Kemi. “If you were to switch it up, it would be way worse,” he warns.

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Christie has another powwow with Analyse and Holly during which they vent about this not being the “Jackson and Jack show.” Christie says she loves Jack, but she doesn’t trust him at all, and they all agree that Jack needs to go at final eight.  She still feels bad about Kemi, but Analyse tells her that it’s part of the game.

So by the end of the night Christie seems to be sticking, however loosely, to the plan of backdooring Kemi, but the Veto ceremony hasn’t happened yet, so who knows if she’ll have another change of heart. Kat could self-implode even more and make it easier. If Christie truly wants to save Kemi, then she needs to build a stronger case to sway people than just “I feel bad” because clearly most of them don’t feel bad right now.

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