‘Big Brother 21’ spoiler: 2 houseguests are blowing up their own games because they can’t keep their mouths shut

Loose lips sink games, and that’s what’s happening on the “Big Brother 21” live feeds to not one but two houseguests.

Tuesday got off to one helluva start when Cliff Hogg III was giving his daily morning talk — Cliff Notes — to live feeders in the boat room just as Christie Murphy walks by. She overheard him and leaned in just as he’s ironically talking about how you shouldn’t assume other people in the room with you are sleeping. He went over the showmances — Jack Matthews and Analyse Talavera, Jackson Michie and Holly Allen, and Isabella Wang and Nick Maccarone — and said that he considered Christie and Tommy Bracco a “fourth couple” because they’re so close. And then came the dagger (in his own stomach): He talked about his new alliance with Nicole Anthony and Ovi Kabir called The Fellowship of the Zing and how he hopes his relationships with the Jacks et al. will keep him safe for the time being. (Yes, it’s hilarious that one-third of his alliance isn’t technically in the game right now.)

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So Cliff just accidentally effed up his own game because he doesn’t know how to whisper. Christie, of course, immediately ran and told Jackson, Holly and Tommy, and later told the rest of Gr8ful and Sam Smith. So now Gr8ful’s target for next week has shifted to Cliff and they discussed possibly putting up Cliff and Nicole next week, which might also flush out the Chaos Power that Jack has and has told Christie about. Nick and Bella, who are the only ones in Gr8ful who don’t know about Ovi‘s Nightmare Power, later suggested going after Nicole because they believe she might have it. Nick even has a convo with Nicole to test the waters, but she gave him nothing he wanted, and he just told her she was welcome to work with him, Bella and Sam.

Oh, Nick, Nicole would never work with Bella. And probably no one will anymore if they could help it. Having still not learned her lesson after the post-Veto ceremony drama with Kemi Fakunle and Jackson, Bella continued to run her mouth and straight-out lie on Tuesday. The biggest thing she did: She told Sam about Gr8ful and, you know, how he’s not in it for absolutely no reason at all. He was stunned. She tried to be all, “No, it’s cool, you’re like the ninth person and we tell you everything.” And he was all, “I can’t be the ninth person in an eight-person alliance, man.” She made it worse by telling him that Gr8ful wants Sam to be the last of the “floaters” to go. You could almost see a lightbulb going off in Sam’s head once he realizes he’s one of those “bottom-feeders” he is always talking about picking off with people he didn’t know were in an alliance together.

“I’m just worried cause I always call out bottom-feeders. Technically then, am I a bottom-feeder?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she said.

Harsh, Bella, harsh. Sam suggested that maybe it’s bad to evict Kemi since she could be a number for him. Then he asked Bella to tell Nick that she told Sam about Gr8ful so he could talk to him about it. Bella refused because she wants Nick to tell Sam on his own time. (Hey Sam: She’s just covering her ass, here!) The only good thing about Bella telling Sam is that it’s helping him. He now realizes he’s screwed if he sticks with Gr8ful, especially because, as he puts it, he’s not in a showmance, so he pitched forming a new alliance to Bella to take out the Jacks. So we soon get a new alliance, the Flaming Five, of Sam, Bella, Nick, Christie and Tommy, which is about as real as Ovi’s dear Fam Five alliance. It was here that Nick shared that he does not want to target Nicole because he likes her and wants to work with her, and Christie agreed.

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And because Bella is just incapable of keeping her mouth shut, she later decided to flat-out lie to Nicole about why she confirmed the existence of Black Widows to Jack. She claimed that Jessica Milagros ruined it by telling Kathryn Dunn last week that they were going to flip the votes for Ovi to stay, which is not true at all, and that it was Ovi who “planted the seeds” about an all-girls alliance to Jack, also not true. When Jack asked her about it, Bella said she felt like she had to spill to not be a target.

“Me and Kemi were like, ‘We clearly cant trust [Jess],'” Bella said.

“You had this conversation with Kemi. Where the hell was I?” Nicole asked.

“You weren’t there,” Bella offered. “We didn’t understand why Jess went and did this when we said we were going to tell each other what we found out.”

I mean, I’ve seen children lie better than this. But we know Nicole is not buying anything Bella’s saying since she’s been wary of Bella for some time. Nicole is also a freakin’ vault. She doesn’t say anything unless she truly has to and has no issue grilling people for more deets to see if their story stands.

Meanwhile, after repeatedly saying she was going to talk to Jack and throw Bella under the bus, Kemi did not do that on Tuesday. This week looks more and more certain like it’s a done deal with Kemi going, but all these blabbermouths just made next week’s target way more interesting, especially since Cliff and Bella don’t have any idea people are on to them or that their games have been blown. Bella’s is happening at a slower pace since she’s part of Gr8ful and she has some awareness, but more so in the way that she knows she has to cover all of her tracks since her game has been a total train wreck so far, though she definitely does not see that. If Gr8ful is in power next week, Cliff would be an easy target, but Bella is probably the one the entire house would agree on.

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