‘Big Brother 21’ spoiler: A new alliance forms, but the votes remain the same

Tuesday was a quiet day in the “Big Brother 21” house as Isabella Wang campaigned to stay, but predictably no one she needed to would budge about keeping Jack Matthews over her. The only thing of slight note that happened was the formation of a new alliance: Cliff’s Angels.

Cliff’s Angels consists of Cliff Hogg III (obviously), Nicole Anthony, Jessica Milagros and Kathryn Dunn. Like Cliff, we are not sure about that name, but at least the outsiders have finally realized they need to band together to stand a chance against the other side. Took you long enough. But this will probably go nowhere. Cliff and Nicole can play the game and are astute, but Kat’s loyalties are partial to the Six Shooters, and Jess has been clueless for about 91 percent of this game. So we’ll probably just have the Six Shooters taking all of Cliff’s Angels out after they’re done with Nick Maccarone and Sam Smith because that’s just how this season is going.

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Assuming Bella can secure votes from Nick, Sam, Nicole and Jess, that’s not enough to keep her. Kat is the swing vote she needs to make it a 5-5 tie so Cliff could break it to evict Jack like he had wanted all along before Jackson Michie winning the Veto screwed him up and Christie’s power scared him into making a deal with her, denying us the power shift this game so desperately needs. Nicole argued that Jack is a bigger threat, but Kat countered that Jack is not playing a dishonest game like Bella is.

Well, Kat, you’re all dishonest on some level; manipulation and lying and withholding information is all part of this game. Bella just did it worse and sloppily than everyone. But Kat is good with the Six Shooters, so she’s not going to go against them right now (them telling her about the flip last week really engendered trust), and she later promised Jack her vote for him to stay.

As for Bella, she did what she could. Her campaign pitches were rather strong, focusing on her and why she should stay rather than why Jack should leave. She argued that she’ll always be a big target and can go any week versus Jack who would be sitting pretty for weeks, and that she sucks at comps and hasn’t won any yet. Valiant effort, Bella. But the Six Shooters are unmalleable. If there is going to be a flip, it has to come from within. Christie needs to manifest it or get a sign from the universe or whatever that Jack needs to go. And so far the universe has been ghosting her, which is no fun for us.

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Talk turned to the next targets for the Six Shooters since this week is informally in the books for them. Nick and Sam are next on their hit list, but Christie and Analyse Talavera have been fed up with Jackson’s gross behavior and how he treats women (he berate Holly Allen the other day about not complimenting him enough and tried to break of their showmance — his second of the season — because she was uncomfortable having sex in the house). Christie later told Tommy Bracco that her preferred boot order post-Bella would be Nick, Jackson, Sam, Nicole, Jess, Holly. But as we know, Christie is all talk (literally, this woman talks in circles with new embellishments every time), so I won’t believe she’ll get out one of her own peeps until I see it.

So unless something insane happens Wednesday, right now it’s just a slow march towards Bella’s eviction.

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