‘Big Brother 21’ spoiler: The Week 5 nomination plan is predictable, but intra-Six Shooters drama is heating up

Last week was The Week That Could Have Been on “Big Brother 21.” This week offers no such hope since Holly Allen won the HOH Thursday night. At least Holly will get more than two Diary Room sessions a week now. But the Six Shooters are in power yet again, so all we have to cling to now is the Six Shooters starting to fracture within.

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If you’re rooting for the underdogs, the HOH was a nightmare since all of them dropped early. Holly, Analyse Talavera, Kathryn Dunn and Jackson Michie lasted nearly 90 minutes. The highlight — or actually, lowlight — of this time was when Jackson peed himself. And then he fell into his own piss. It was almost too perfect.

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Kat fell almost immediately after Jackson, leaving Holly and Analyse up there for almost another hour before Analyse fell. Jackson was rooting hard for Holly — you know, so he can sleep in the HOH bed and do you-know-what in the HOH shower — which pissed Analyse off because they’re all in the same alliance.

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“I’m pissed at Michie. I was like, ‘Holly, please drop. You know how bad I wanted this,'” she told Kat. “Michie would be like, ‘No, Holly, you stay on there.’ We are all on the same team. Why are you f—ing saying that? Do you not trust me? … Shut the f— up, dude. She can do whatever she wants.”

“I hope this doesn’t become the Jackson HOH,” Kat said.

“It clearly already is,” Analyse lamented. “She will do whatever he wants. I love her, but she needs a bigger backbone.”

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Analyse assured Kat that Jackson wouldn’t go after Kat, but noted that he is “mean” and “scary” and “gets in his moods.” Yeah, we all had to live through him whining and pouting about being on slop. Holly encouraged Jackson to talk to Analyse, so he sort of apologized by saying he didn’t want anyone to throw it because they’d been up there for two hours. Analyse said she’s over it, but you know she may forgive, but she won’t forget.

As for nominations, the incredibly obvious duo of Nick Maccarone and Sam Smith is more than likely happening. Holly suggested Nick and a pawn, but every Six Shooter was against that.

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“Holly came in here and she was like, ‘I’m thinking Nick and a pawn,'” Christie told Analyse and Jack Matthews. “That’s not safe. Sam has been picked for every veto so far. They have to both go up. I don’t know what Michie is thinking. I’m sure he would be like, ‘Sam and Nick.’ It concerns me how Bella [Wang] was telling him, “You guys [Jackson and Holly] will be the first out of the six.” He may be hesitant to take out Nick and Sam, thinking he could use them later.”

Oh, don’t worry, Christie, he’s all about Nick and Sam. “For you to put up Nick and Sam is f—ing bold,” he told Holly. Is it though? Everyone is expecting you guys to put them up. Bold would be if you targeted your own alliance. Jackson suggested Nicole Anthony as a pawn if Holly wants to go that route, but she doesn’t want Nicole to end up leaving and she’s worried that Sam could win Veto and take off Nick. So back to Nick and Sam it is.

Later, Jackson told Cliff Hogg III that Nick had told him that Christie is annoyed with Jackson and doesn’t like the way he treats women, so she might take a shot at Jackson soon. He doesn’t know if Nick was making stuff up, while Cliff just played dumb, but imagine if Jackson uses this to get Holly to target Christie. It’ll never happen — and she’d need to be a backdoor to ensure her power doesn’t get used — but we can dare to dream since this is shaping up to be a pretty straightforward week otherwise.

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