‘Big Brother 21’ spoiler: Now it’s Jack’s turn to do something very, very dumb

So that didn’t last long. On Sunday’s episode of “Big Brother,” Jack Matthews vowed that he wasn’t going to tell anyone that he won the Chaos Power in the second Whacktivity Comp, which was held on Friday. Well, ironically, the very night the episode aired, he spilled the beans.

The person he told? Nope, not his bro Jackson Michie, but Christie Murphy. It was clear from their conversation Sunday evening that Jack didn’t go into it planning to tell Christie about it. Their chat was initially about Jack’s relationship with Analyse Talavera because they had sex the night before. Jack wanted to explain himself to Christie, who was just kind of like, “Lol, I don’t care, do whatever you want.” But he was almost apologetic and said he wouldn’t pursue anything further with Analyse if it made Christie uncomfortable because that’s how much he trusts and respects Christie (he and Analyse would have sex again Sunday night).

“Last night was more than I anticipated. I’m kind of like I didn’t want that much,” he told her. “I have got to figure my stuff out. Don’t judge me, America.”

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Jack then told Christie that he cared more about her than anyone in the house and that it’s just “physical and stuff” between him and Analyse. To which Christie laid down a not-so-subtle drag: “She is the most beautiful thing ever, but there is not a ton of depth that you have been able to see there.”

Then, completely unprompted, to prove how much Christie means to him, Jack told her about his power. “This stays between me and you,” he said. “You know, I won it. I am only telling you. You cannot tell anyone else. It’s not a big power, it’s not as big Ovi [Kabir]’s. In a veto, if I don’t like the board that’s picked, I can say re-pick.”

Christie thinks this is huge and didn’t blab to anyone else… for like six hours. She later told Tommy Bracco that he had it but it’s not very powerful. Based on her reaction to Ovi not telling her about his power, she ought to feel special that Jack told her first. Jack, meanwhile, is still clearly attracted to Christie — he also told her “I am f—ing crazy about you” — and he seems to genuinely want to go to the end with her, a la Tyler and Kaycee last year, because he knows the duo of him and Jackson would have a tough time getting there.

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Little does he know that Christie wants to get him out. She was already entertaining the idea last week, but literally her previous conversation before this was with Sam Smith, during which they discussed the numerous final five deals Jack has made with various people. “As scummy as this sounds, I would love if someone took a shot at Jack,” she said. “I would love to knock him a little bit off of his pedestal.”

Now that she has Jack’s big secret in her back pocket, she could use that to her advantage if a solid plan ever develops to target Jack. Christie often acts on a whim, what with her “manifestations” and everything, and we already know she’s not high on Jack running things. Tommy is her closest confidant, but she could also tell Jackson and Holly Allen to show that Jack lied to them (and by extension Gr8ful) about not winning it.

And if it all goes down, Jack would’ve brought it on himself. He told her about it for no reason at all. She wasn’t pissed at him or spiraling or asking him to prove that he trusts her.

He is right about one thing though: His power is not as good as Ovi’s.

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