‘Big Brother 21’ spoiler: Kemi ‘can’t wait to throw Bella under the bus’

After all the post-Veto ceremony drama on the “Big Brother 21” live feeds on Monday, things were pretty quiet until the dead of night early Tuesday morning when Kemi Fakunle decided to clear the air again with Jackson Michie about Isabella Wang‘s shenanigans.

It all started during a convo between Kemi and Nicole Anthony in the bathroom as the two rehashed Bella immediately running to Jackson after Kemi told her about their chat in the morning. It basically turned into a Bella bashing fest as they went over all of her rat gameplay, including how she’s got Nick Maccarone wrapped around her finger.

“She’s f—ing his game so bad and she doesn’t even see it. He doesn’t even see it,” Nicole fumed, pointing out that Nick originally wanted Kemi to stay over Jessica Milagros. “But that’s not what she wants. So she had to convince him why you should go. So she goes up to him, ‘Oh, I’m sad. Kemi said mean things about me.’ And he’s like, ‘OK, Bella, we’ll get rid of Kemi.’ He doesn’t think for himself. He’s thinking with the wrong head.”

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“I’m glad you told me that because I can’t wait to throw Bella under the bus tomorrow,” Kemi replied.

She didn’t wait too long. Kemi and Nicole decided to tell Jackson that it was in fact Bella, not Jess, who started Black Widows, so Kemi pulled him aside for a one-on-one. The two had settled things earlier in the day when Jackson assured Kemi that she’s “good” with him and he straightened everything out with Bella, who had claimed that Kemi said that Jackson told her he wanted to put Bella on the block. But you can’t never be too safe.

“I’m kind of in the position of being thrown under the bus by someone I’ve been tight with since Day 1,” Kemi told him. “It’s just a difficult situation to be in and I kind of wanted to be on the same page.”

Jackson admitted that it was “disheartening” that Kemi immediately told Bella about their conversation. “That the first time we talk game, less than 10 minutes later, you talk to Bella and it somehow got misconstrued as me wanting to put her on the block,” he said. “I was like, OK, I never even mentioned me getting HOH or anything. We were just having a basic conversation. That was frustrating, but I mean, she’s a smart girl. She’s playing. She’s playing this game.”

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Kemi reiterated that she did not tell Bella that Jackson would put her up and said that Bella told her that she was in a final three with Jackson and Jack Matthews. He said he was unaware of this final three, but he believes Kemi that she did not tell Bella that he would nominate her. He knows it can be a “sh–ty feeling” when someone you trust is burning you or letting you take the fall for something. That opened the door for Kemi to tell him that Nicole told her that it was Bella, not Jess, who started Black Widows. But whatever reaction Kemi was hoping to get out of Jackson with that reveal she did not get; he was just sort of like, “OK, good to know,” and deflected by saying he doesn’t know what the hell goes on in the RV room and doesn’t know for sure if Bella is playing both sides or if she’s lying to Kemi.

He then proceeded to give Kemi a pep talk about doing her best, yada, yada, yada. He was honest when he said he was planning to evict her, but after this conversation, he’s 50-50 because he appreciates her honesty and respects her game and that she came to talk to him.

Was that just lip service? Well, practically the whole conversation was. Jackson’s probably not going to change his vote unless Jack has a change of heart, but he probably does respect Kemi’s game, especially since her being so up-front with him now is helping his game. Bella and Nick are already on the outside of Gr8ful and this whole situation is just giving the Six Shooters more ammunition to pull the trigger on Bick (Nella?).

As for Kemi, girl is working hard to save herself, but it’ll likely be all for naught unless something drastic happens.

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