‘Big Brother 21’ spoiler: The first target is still absolutely clueless about their impending eviction

After a roller coaster of a week on the “Big Brother 21” feeds, Monday was positively quaint. That’s because Ovi Kabir still hasn’t figured out that he, not Kathryn Dunn, is the target and will be going home on Wednesday. Poor guy.

Since Christie Murphy named Ovi as the replacement nominee on Sunday after Sam Smith vetoed Cliff Hogg III, Ovi has spent the past day and half campaigning and securing votes, but he doesn’t realize that most of the houseguests are just giving him lip service. While talking to live feeders early Tuesday morning, he recounted his trajectory in the house so far. “Maybe I’m one of the worst ‘Big Brother’ players out there,” he lamented. “I don’t know. I don’t know how I got myself into a situation like this.”

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Well, his first mistake was unknowingly making an alliance with the half of the people in the alliance he had overheard. Oblivious Ovi thought the faux (to everyone but him) Fam Five of him, Christie, Analyse Talavera, Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie had all agreed to backdoor Kemi Faknule. As we all know, Christie started having second thoughts. “I think Christie got cold feet,” Ovi said. “Maybe Nick [Maccarone] pressured her or somebody else pressured her. But she was scared the votes weren’t going to be there. The votes definitely would’ve been there to vote out Kemi.”

Ovi believes the “flaw” in his game was when he told Christie she could use his name as a “smokescreen” when talking to Kemi, as in, if Kemi asks who would be the renom, Ovi is cool with Christie saying Ovi. Jessica Milagros later told Ovi that Christie had thrown his name out as a replacement, but in Ovi’s mind, he believed that was just Christie using it as a smokescreen for Kemi.

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“I don’t know if I was the true backup plan or she had cold feet because she said she panicked and everyone thinks she panicked because I wasn’t supposed to go up from my understanding,” Ovi said. “At first I felt duped when I was up there. I was like, ‘Man, there’s a plan to get me out. You guys [live feeders] know more than me. … But I don’t think there was any backdoor plan to get me out. It was just Christie being chaotic. Christie’s unreliable.”

Oh, poor innocent Ovi. The naïveté is both entertaining and sad. He truly thinks he has the support to say. Ovi counted the votes he thinks he has and believes he can get it to a tie because Christie told him she would save him in a tie, which is a complete lie. “I really feel the odds are in my favor right now, but it really depends on tomorrow [Tuesday]. I’m going to hit the trail hard. I’m going to double-check with every single person in the house,” Ovi said. I’m going to work really hard. I don’t want to be the first person voted out Week 1.”

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Well, you’re, like, 99 percent will be. At least everyone plans on giving him a heads-up so he won’t be completely blindsided, but that won’t be until Wednesday, right before the eviction. Jack wanted to warn Ovi on Tuesday, but Analyse, Jackson, Kat and Holly Allen told him that was too soon.

Ironically, if they had decided to tell Ovi on Tuesday (or if it manages to come out somehow or Ovi finally buys a clue), it could be the impetus for Ovi to use his Nightmare Power as a bargaining tool like we suggested. He still hasn’t told anyone about it because he believes he’s safe. But if he finds out he’s the real target, it could motivate him to use it to get people to keep him. He could play good cop (“I have the power and can protect you”) or bad cop (“I have the power and could put you in jeopardy”).

But who are we kidding? Chances are, Ovi will continue to stay in the dark until like two hours before the live eviction on Wednesday.

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