‘Big Brother 21’ spoiler: Sigh, let’s talk about the cruel irony of the first Whacktivity Comp power

The first Whacktivity Comp was revealed on Sunday’s episode of “Big Brother 21,” and just like 83 percent of “Big Brother” twists, it’s already gone up in flames.

Ovi Kabir won the Nightmare Power, which gives him the ability to overthrow the Head of Household’s nominations by calling for a new nomination ceremony in the middle of the night following the original ceremony. The original nominees will be safe for the week and the HOH has to name new ones. The power is good for the first six nomination ceremonies. It’s like last year’s Identity Theft Power App that Bayleigh Dayton won, and like that one, this too will go to waste.

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Because Sam Smith used the Veto on Sunday to take Cliff Hogg III off the block, and after vacillating for literally days about whether to backdoor Kemi Faknule, Christie Murphy did not go through with it because it’s not good for her game and instead chose Ovi as the renom next to Kathryn Dunn. And yes, Ovi is definitely the target. He, too, had been on the Gr8ful’s hit list, but Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie had been pushing Christie had to backdoor Kemi first.

And now in a twist Ovi definitely did not see coming, there is no way he can use the Nightmare Power to save himself since it’s only for the original nominees, and there was no reason for him to use it to save Cliff and Kat. This power sounds great — and it is, uh, powerful — but it only works best when deployed defensively if you’re an original nominee. The power can’t be used on replacement nominees nor does it protect the holder of it. So let’s say Ovi did use it to save Cliff and Kat — that does not prevent Christie from naming Ovi as one of her two new nominees. So basically Ovi would’ve only ever used it if he were an original nominee on the block.

Right now, it’s not looking good for him. The house wants to keep Kat because her escalating paranoia will make her an easy pawn going forward, but a ton of people are telling Ovi he’s got their vote. Poor guy is so oblivious. As if unknowingly making an alliance with half the people in the alliance you heard about wasn’t bad enough. Christie is thinking about clueing him in on Wednesday right before the live eviction so he won’t be blindsided.

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Now if Ovi were smart/didn’t think he was safe, he’d use the power to barter. No one knows who has it, but he should definitely use it in his pitches to people for votes. He shouldn’t tell them the whole shebang of what it does, but just that he has the power and can protect them going forward.

But if nothing changes before Wednesday night, Ovi will be going bye-bye and so will the Nightmare Power. After two Power Apps going unused and one being used by default last year, this could be another summer of power busts.

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